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27 May 2010

Proposals for 15 sen hikes in petrol by year end to cut subsidies

Based on the current situation, the government might be increasing petrol prices by 15 sen by the end of this year. This was proposed under a plan which was presented by Pemandu, a body which is sanctioned to provide advise tot eh government on how subsidies could be cut. The government is currently undergoing a drive to get feedback from the people on how they could reduce subsidies which according to them is at RM74billion.

Currently, the RON95 petrol is sold at RM1.80 per liter and after the 15sen hike, they are proposing for a 10 sen hike every 6 months between next January and December 2012.


why blame solely on the subsidies alone ? cant they see the real problems stemmed from the corruption practised by these umno goons for over 50 odd years ? the money wasted and corrupted by them isnt the kind of figures you and i could ever imagine !!

IDRis JAla had mentioned that we could become NET oil importer next 2 year... THEN WHY Malaysia forgo so call BLOCK M and BLOCK L..... shouldn't it be our national source of income - why must continue building mega project that doesn't create income for the NATION.. that why Malaysia always in deficit when come to national budget........ build factory/mega plant had some share-option but not for MALAYSIA but to certain high-rank individual.........

thanks to this umno lead government, our country is on the verge of bankruptcy; especially when you all put those parasites, draculas and blood sucking scums to manage this country's finance, dont ever expect miracles.. we are doomed for sure !!

the cheap petrol is not due to gov is our money paid in advance through the exhorbitant car prices. If the cars here are the same price with US or Aust, we dont mind to pay higher fuel price.

There is no reason at all for this corrupted and almost bankrupt government to increased the fuel price. Imagine 114 millions euro was toped up to the submarine price tag as a commison to.... u know la...who. We the malaysian end up paying for the commision too. Now they have the balls to increase the fuel price. TO ALL MALAYSIAN... IF THEY DARE TO INCREASE BY 1 CENTS, WE MAKE SURE THEY WILL REGRET.

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