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06 May 2010

Vincent Tan to be major stakeholder in Cardiff City Football Club

Tan Sri Vincent Tan, one of Malaysia prominent tycoon will be the biggest shareholder of the Cardiff City Football Club of the United Kingdom. He will be owning 36.7% of the football club with Datuk Chan Tien Ghee, his business partner where they will be paying RM29.2million or £6million for the stakes in the club which might just be playing in the top flight of English football next season, the English Premier League.

Once the deal gets through, they will be the controlling block of shareholders of the club which is currently fourth in the Coca-Cola Championship league where they will be playing Leicester City in the playoff this coming May 12 to determine who will earn a place in the top flight next season. Chan had previously invested in the club where he is a director since November 2009 and is expected to become the chairman of the club with the latest acquisition.


This pi-g-faced I brahim Ali may ask the UMNO government to help him earn a major stake in Manchester United now that a malaysian chinese is a major stake holder in one of the english football club.
He will say that this Vincent Tan made his dollars here so he wants special malay privelege from UMNO because he calls himself a 'ketuanan melayu' and he expects UMNO to help him to be on par in this field which so happens is an 'untapped chinese business field "

This fuc-ked-up muslim pretender, Ibrahim Ali, ask him to swear by the KURAN that he did not drink in his life and if he dares so, I will cut off my balls and present it to his wife or daughter.!!!
Look at his pi-g face and you will vomit !!! Mother fuc-ker should be lock-up with ISA.
Why is the home ministry not taking any actions against this bast-ard racist ?????

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