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06 May 2010

The Aminul Rashid shooting: IGP wants fairplay for parties involved

Aminul Rashid Amzah was involved in a six-kilometre chase with police on the night he was shot dead.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan revealed this after spending 30 minutes this morning with Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar and other officers in Section 11 where the incident took place.


SENSELESS DEATH: Young Aminul was shot at the back of his head

Policemen re-enacted what transpired in the 2am incident on Monday, and Musa was shown, among others, a tree that was hit and a section of a house wall where the car, Aminul was driving, stopped after he was shot.

Musa said investigation papers into the incident were submitted to the Attorney General this morning.

"The report has been completed.

"Today, we are investigating whether the policemen's actions were justified," he said.

"I hope there would be an open inquiry into the matter so this could be investigated thoroughly. The police force also want to see justice done for Aminul."

Musa said a friend of the car owner and a motorcyclist, grazed by Aminul on Monday night before he was shot, had also lodged police reports.

"Their reports are vital in assisting police investigations," he said. The Malay Mail learnt the motorcyclist suffered leg and hand injuries after his machine was hit by the car, believed to have been driven by Aminul.

Musa, however, declined to reveal more details as the incident was still undergoing investigation which would be brought to court. Musa said he was saddened by the tragedy.

"I am sad as it involved a young civilian but this happened at 2am in an area that experienced frequent break- ins."

He said this aroused the suspicions of policemen involved on that fatal day.

"However, as I said earlier, we also want to see justice served. Don't take it as if I'm protecting my men. Right now, we should focus on the investigation and whether the actions of the policemen were justified."

Musa said he had been suggesting to the government to equip patrol cars with video cameras to record events.

"Unfortunately, this could not be done due to insufficient funds," he said.

Musa also pleaded for the public not to speculate and politicise the issue.

"Don't listen to speculations. We also want to be fair to everybody. So let's be fair in this (case)."


Who is doing the speculating? Us or the police? First the police said the car reversed at them, then a witness said the car didn't. Then the police said there was a parang & the witness said there wasn't. Maybe the police should keep quiet instead of giving information which appears to be speculation instead of evidence?

The shooting of a teen is one thing but what is troubling is the finding of a machete in the trunk - if news reports were to be accurate. Discharging one's firearm is not the only issue here but the public is also concern that offensive weapons could be planted by rogue police personnel. Are there inspections done to police cars before they go on patrol to ensure that policemen do not carry along things they are not supposed to. As in the case of the shooting in Seremban some years ago in front of a disco where the civilian arms bearer shot another patron over parking space. In that case the perpetrator quickly contacted his friend who is an ASP in the police force and what do you know.......... a knife was found.

The public could not help but suspect that the knife was planted as if to excuse that the shooter acted in self-defense. Still the court found him guilty and he was sentenced to hang. Videos and cams in police cars are one thing but are inspections done to ensure that no cops carry offensive weapons just in case it is needed to substantiate their actions when shootings occur? I am sure there are many honest and serving police personnel but some are likely to be questionable as well. It is important for the public to have faith in the police and for this sake, the police must also be reassuring.

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