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06 May 2010

Companies can only hire Malaysians as security guards in future

Government has decided to impose that only Malaysians can be hired as security guards in near future. According to Human Resource Minister Dr S Subramaniam, the decision is meant to open up more job opportunities for the locals.

Currently, the total of foreign guards in the country hiked up to around 4,000 with majority of them from neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Indonesia and Philippines. In an effort to encourage locals to apply for security guards position, a pay hike for those employed in private sector would take place from July 1.

Hence, Subramaniam wanted the security companies to comply and adapt with the new rules.


Never heard of a retired policeman that has to work here in Malaysia......for, they are all rich even before they retire....those high ranking officers will be millionaires by then.....otherwise this security jobs will be just nice after they retire.....thanks to corruption, we have to import security guards.

in the US, many retired policemen works as street vendors and also acts as the eyes and ears for the police force after their retirement same as those in the army. thats how they prevent petty crimes like snatch thieves and burglaries.....but here it's a different story all together.

this was proven in the recent Time Square failed car bomb by the alert ex-Vietnam war veteran.

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