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02 May 2010

Satchithananthan and Logeswaran of Taiping: two brothers; victims of extrajudicial killings



Execution with bullets right through leftside of head...????????

Professional killer..!!!????!!!!!

Were these two brothers identified as "criminals" by PDRM's new Israeli tracking software?

Neither it is the first nor the last and yet Malaysians without exception still vote BN. Why? Simply because UMNO/BN succeeded in stifling the common folks mind, the majority as it is, for five decades. Wanna put a stop to it? Must get out the majority of them out of the shell they're in. They mustn't be allowed to be led by the nose. And that means they have to be educated to be politically wise. The superstition that only UMNO/BN can bring about development and thus the only coalition can and able to rule must be wiped clean from the voters mind. And that isn't easy go come by and need great effort. All resources must be pooled to achieve success. Every pak chiks and mak chiks, ayyahs and ammahs must be re-tuned so that all false philosophies spread by UMNO/BN can be rubbished off easily. Without the change of mind would mean that UMNO/BN will stay dominant in the political landscape for another half a century.

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