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06 May 2010

Police bring key witness to scene of fatal schoolboy-shooting

Azamuddin Omar relived the nightmare of seeing his friend shot dead, when he helped investigators including a police forensic team last night piece together the final moments of Aminulrasyid Amzah’s life.

Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, one of three lawyers with Azamuddin, told The Malaysian Insider they met investigators at the Selangor police headquarters at 9.20pm before the 15-year-old retraced the route driven by his friend in the early hours of April 26.

The AG had asked for Azamuddin (right) to revisit the scene of the incident.
Azamuddin was in the car with the 14-year-old schoolboy who was shot dead by police, and is regarded as a key witness in the case.

Besides retracing the route, Azamuddin repeated his account of what transpired that night.

He pointed out where police had opened fire, where his friend was shot in the head, and where the car crashed into a drain and where he was assaulted by policemen.

“His account tonight was consistent with what he told police earlier and what he had said during a press conference on Monday,” said Fadiah.

The AG had asked for Azamuddin (right) to revisit the scene of the incident. — file pic
Previously, Azamuddin had said his friend was scared and only wanted to return home because he was driving his sister’s car before police opened fire.

He had recounted how Aminulrasyid was shot in the back of the head, how his friend’s body slumped into his lap and how the car kept moving forward because the dead schoolboy’s foot was still on the accelerator.

He made no mention about Aminulrasyid trying to reverse the car to ram policemen, contradicting police claims of what had transpired.

Azamuddin also alleged he was kicked in the head and assaulted by no fewer than five policemen, before he escaped.

Fadiah yesterday said police concluded their investigations at the scene before 11pm.

“It went on smoothly and the police involved were reasonable and cooperative.”

Azamuddin was earlier questioned for a third time at the Selangor police headquarters yesterday evening.

His lawyers were subsequently informed by police that the Attorney-General had wanted Azamuddin to return to the scene with police last night.

“I was told that the AG had ordered police to wrap up their investigations by tonight.” said lawyer N. Surendran yesterday.

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