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06 May 2010

Aminul's Facebook group attracts almost 60,000

Support for Facebook group "Kami Benci Kekejaman Polis Malaysia!- Justice for Aminulrasyid" (We Hate Malaysian Police Brutality!), set up last week, has ballooned to over 58,000 supporters from across the country as of this morning.

When it was first created, the group attracted 3,500 supporters, which grew to over 10,000 in a matter of hours.

Postings on the Facebook page stated the group was set up to show support and to express disappointment over the police's action against the 15-year-old.

The unknown creator of the group insisted it was not set up to oppose or insult the police force. Group members included Aminulrasyid's friends, school teachers, journalists, activists, as well as other members of the public.

Over 170 discussion topics were created to discuss the incident and video postings of Press conferences given by Aminulrasyid's family were also uploaded.

Among the most discussed topic in the group was "Laporan polis sahabat arwah Aminulrasyid - wajib baca!" (Late Aminulrasyid's friend's police reports - must read!) where 254 comments were recorded.

So far, 276 photos were put up by supporters. These included pictures allegedly taken during the night of the incident and pictures of the victim before the tragedy.


As much as i agree that the police has to do it's job, their actions aren't really justified. For goodness sake, i didn't hear that this guy was armed or that he attacked the police or shot at them for whatever reasons,..he only sped off {i guess} out of fear and i bet if he was caught and scolded and adviced or even given a light punishment, he would surely learn his lessons,...shooting an unarmed person who never showed any sign of hostility except that he sped off is really uncalled for,...that's just too bad and unfair. While growing up as adolesents, most of us can remember a couple of crazy or wierd things we might have done which we weren't scolded for and if we were caught, we were scolded and turned a new leaf. so unfortunate he wasn't given a second chance,..just too bad.

The people are worried by the police being trigger-happy because we do not want to have a situation of shoot first and ask questions later.The shooting death of the teenager was unfortunate but under the circumstances, the police had no idea who the driver was. It could have been anybody. But why shoot to kill? That is the disturbing issue of the tragedy. In this situation it is no point being defensive and emotional. When an innocent man was shot by police in London during the aftermath of the underground train bombing in London in 2007, the Police Chief took responsibility and resigned. That somehow allayed the peoples' frustration. In Malaysia his counterpart is scoring points with the angry people, so do we wonder by the facebook set up for the dead teenager drawing so many followers? Ministers, please send top government officers to centres of excellence in the world and learn how to handle situations like this!

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