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11 May 2010

Sodomy trial postponed to tomorrow, Saiful claims doctor lied

The sodomy trial involving opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the alleged victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has been postponed to Tuesday after Karpal Singh, the defence lawyer applied for a postponement to make a full submission on getting the caution statement from Saiful. Saiful is being cross-examined by the defence in the high profile case which if convicted, Anwar could face a jail sentence of up to 20 years.

Saiful has implied that one doctor from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital was lying after Karpal read the copy of the report which stated that the pain which Saiful had complained on his stomach and anus was caused by a plastic object into his anus. To this, Saiful claimed that the report was wrong and that "It is not true. Possibly the doctor is lying." Karpal had at the start of Monday’s session insisted for the witness list to be provided to the defence team only to have it struck out again. He claimed that "Why are they so afraid in giving the list? There is a political conspiracy against Anwar. If there is none, then the prosecution should ... (give) us the list,"


sure! everybody is lying but not saifool! What reason should the doctor have to tell a "story?"

The proscecution should call the doctor to testify and show reasons why the doctor should lie. Could it be due to Saiful refusing to allow the doctor to screw him for a song?


Because of this new evidence ' the plastic object ' & ' Doctor X ' as the new witness, it had caused some roars inside the court room, the defend lawyers and the prosecutor were challenging one another until the judge decided to postpone to the next day.

Next day, defend lawyer decided to call for the 1st witness, the 'doctor X ' to the witness stand. After swearing, defend lawyer started to question 'doctor X '.

Defend lawyer : ' Doctor X ' can you tell the court, the full account of all the happening when Saifool came to KLH.

Doctor X : He (Saifool) came into my room about 10 am. He related to me that he felt some pain in his anus and also some stomach pain too. While we were discussing about his symptom, i remember quite well, i heard some humming sound ..... 'pause'.

( Everyone in the court suddenly become very quite .... and in their mind " what is that humming sound er " ) ?

Defend lawyer : Doctor X, continue please....

Doctor X : I asked Saifool, did you hear that humming sound ? And Saifool said no, but i am very sure i heard that sound. So i just ignored that sound, we keep on discussion about his symptom. And later, i ask him to undress and lay down so that i can check his anus. At first Saifool refused, when i asked him why ? He said " i am shy " ...... ' pause '

Defend lawyer : Yes, go on ....

Doctor X : I assured Saifool, don't be shy and i will handle your parts with care. After that, he undressed and when he was naked, the humming sound become louder. ( For the second time, everyone in the court suddenly become very quite and wonder what is that humming sound er )? When Saifool laid on the bed with his back facing upwards, as i examine his anus, i came to notice there is bulge at opening and to my surprise the bulge seems to be vibrating. ( Now pin drop silence inside the court room ). Finally when i pull open his anus i found a plastic object inside. I try to open it further but i was interrupted by an emergency called. It was an extreme case, i had to go to assists, so i called other junior doctors to take over Saifool case.

Defend lawyer : That's mean you never seen that object ?

Doctor X : Yes.

Defend lawyer : Doctor X, from your point of view what do you think that object was.

( The prosecutor jumped up and protested, but the defend lawyer said " since this doctor X is the 1st person to view part of this object, the witness has every right to give his view ... and the judge agreed with the defend lawyer ( Frankly speaking, the judge is also very curious, he also wanted to know what is this object er ? ).

Doctor X : From my point of view, i think it is a vibrator. ( Again the prosecutor made strong protest, Saifool was seen yelling " it a lie, its a lie " and many hooooo haaaaaa among the crowd and finally the judge hit his hammer and announced " court is adjourn .... continue tomorrow at 9.30 am " ).

ha ha ha ha ha....

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