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09 May 2010

DSAI at the PKR 160-table dinner In Skudai, Johor, 7 May 2010 (4-part video)


To all Malaysian it is time for all of us to RISE AND DETHRONE the traitors from raping Rakyats of their rights and their money. We dethrone them by 13th GE. Yes my fellow Malaysian WE RAKYAT WILL DUMP the traitors DURING the 13th GE and rid of the corrupts,murderer and very cruel traitors BY 13TH GE.

I am happy to hear Anway say that I was previously in UMNO. I did UMNO things consistent with UMNO policies. So whatever Nalla Karuppan, Ezam, Chandra, Zul and the whole gang have been threatening to reveal, for ages now, nothing should surprise us. We all know that he was a big chief in UMNO with a lot of power as DPM and Finance Minister. I will be surprised only if he says that he was very clean.

1 comment:

  1. Hanya bodoh sahaja yang percaya kepada pembohong!!!

    Dia telah mengkhianati Islam dan dia boleh mengkhianati sesiapa sahaja.. walaupun isterinya!!


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