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10 May 2010

Anwar says it is Malaysia on trial. Lawyers want to ‘grill’ Saiful

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader and the trial where he is accused to have sodomized Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan will return to court on Monday where the alleged victim will be cross-examined. Anwar said that it is Malaysia which is on trial and that “Malaysian justice had deteriorated under Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who came to power a year ago.” He said “It is not Anwar's case. It is the institution of governance -- the police, the judiciary and certain media -- which have all got worse under Prime Minister Najib Razak. They are the real ones on trial. I am committed to political and economic reforms. There is no turning back. Of course I am a political threat. They have been trying for 12 years to kill my political career. I leave it to my supporters and Allah to believe in me.”

According to Sankara Nair, a lawyer in Anwar’s defence team, “The prosecution's refusal to release information such as its witness list and key documents on forensic and DNA evidence was problematic. Anwar is put in a very severely disadvantaged position. The defence faces an uphill task as vital documents in relation to Anwar's defence have not been given to us by the prosecution. The defence team would cross-examine Mohamad Saiful when the hearing opens Monday. We intend to grill this witness. The court has set four days for this hearing. Hearing dates have been set until August but Sankara said he did not know when the trial would end.”


we have in malaysia a prime minister who himself has acknowledge that he prefers anal in other words a self proclaimed asshole bandit i reckon he should be on trial for sodomy
all malaysians wake up and voice out how you feel

Hopefully Saiful is grilled until his arse is roasted. Refusing DNA documents only shows how desperate they are want DSAI in jail again before the next GE. Nevertheless, with or without DSAI, PKR is still strong.

Why cant these UMNO Bast-ards for once , speak the truth ? is it the culture of Malays to swear by the Kuran for telling lies????
Allah will not forgive you bast-ards for telling lies !!!!
To swear over something that is not true is heinous !!!!

It shows that though you malays on one hand pretended to be pious and God fearing, but on the other hand, you abused God by swearing on untruthful things, so you bast-ards are just religious pretenders and in times of doing wrong, you just prayed to the unseen that you will be forgiven for all your sins.

Infact, you muslims are the most sinful and the reasons that you prayed 5 times a day was because you bast-ards possessed evil thoughts for 24 hours a day and praying 5 times a day is to masturbate your evil brains to think that you can cleanse it daily by praying for a mere few minutes !
All you bast-ards are pretenders !!!!!

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