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09 May 2010

Cops say did not rough up Kelantan royalty


Kelantan police today denied allegations that they had acted violently against members of Kelantan royalty who wanted to visit the Sultan of Kelantan Tuanku Ismail Petra at the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital here.

Kelantan deputy police chief Datuk Amir Hamzah Ibrahim said there was no violence whatsoever occurred during the visits as alleged by certain quarters.

He was commenting on media reports concerning the disappointment of Kelantan royal household members who alleged that the police had acted violently and refused to let them visit the Sultan (above) who has been undergoing heart treatment at the hospital since Tuesday.

The Sultan’s uncle, Tengku Seri Utama Raja Tengku Abdul Aziz Tengku Hamzah was reported as saying that the police only allowed certain individuals to visit the ruler.

Amir said ever since the Sultan was admitted to the hospital, the Kelantan Regent, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, had issued a decree that the security for the Sultan to be increased and all visitors should get the Regent’s consent.

Tengku Muhammad Faris had also listed the names of five people who could visit the Sultan, except for hospital staff attending to him, he said.

“In the list, those five members of the royalty who are allowed to visit the Sultan are the Raja Perempuan Tengku Anis Tengku Hamid, her second son Tengku Bendahara Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra, daughter Tengku Amalin A’ishah Petra and two other close relatives.

“It doesn’t mean that the other members of the royalty will not be allowed to visit the Sultan. They just have to get the consent from the Regent first. If they have the Regent’s consent, the police will not stop them,” he said.

On the identity of the man who is alleged to have shot a Kelantan palace guard last week, Amir said the man was a local and in his 40s.

Police interrogations on the man were still ongoing, he said.

In the incident on May 1 in Tumpat, the palace guard, Ramli Mohamad, 50, sustained severe injuries after being shot by an unidentified suspect at Kampung Kok Keli, three kilometres from his house.

Meanwhile, the Sultan’s medical specialist, Dr Amir Ramli, today proposed that the panel of 10 medical specialists appointed by the state government yesterday, examines the Sultan when he was perfectly calm and had enough rest.

He said the Sultan had not slept well since he was admitted to the hospital.

“Tuanku Ismail has yet to undergo speech therapy while occupational therapy could only be done two days after his admission,” he told a press conference here. — Bernama

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