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13 May 2010

IGP cannot apologize as there would be ‘legal implications’

The IGP (Inspector-General of Police) said that he will not be apologizing to the family of Aminulrasyid Amzah, the 14 year old who was shot by the police recently in the highly controversial case stating that if he did, then there would be ‘legal implications’. This came in light after the family of the teenager who died in the shooting called for the police to apologize for accusing him of being a criminal.

Musa said “I will not answer that, doing so will have legal implications.” Latheefa Koya, one of the lawyers representing Aminulrasyid’s family said “By refusing to apologise and admitting that the police were wrong, they have not only made it worse but may have committed criminal offence by perverting course of justice and fabricating evidence during the investigation. A photo of a parang was shown to our clients, where did it go?” while N Surendran said “Musa’s comments were absurd, and instead stated that legal implications would only take place if they did not apologise. Since he had made the statement, it is incumbent upon him to apologise. It is not that there will be legal implications if he apologises, but there will be legal implications if he does not because it will be considered as abetting in the fabrication of evidence,”


Instead of just seeking an apology, the family should seek monetary claim to the fullest from the goverment. Dont ever give up as the whole nation is behind the family. We need to nail those killers and nail it hard !

of course IGP cannot apologise, UMNO arrogance, what else

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