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12 January 2011

Umno ticked off about Khalid’s accusations


The Selangor Umno has chastised MP for Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad, for accusing Umno of erecting banners critical of the Sultan of Selangor in the opposition’s name in the state capital.

Its information chief, Abdul Shukor Idrus said Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) would not have resorted to unethical acts against the opposition.

“The opposition will continue to blame Umno for negative incidents on while they are the angels and always upright.

“When Umno hands over cash aid, the opposition labels them as bribes. On the other hand, if they fork out money to the people, they are zakat (tithes),” he told Bernama here today.

Khalid Samad today claimed that a banner insulting the Sultan and bearing the logos of PAS, the DAP and PKR, which was found in Section 9 here, was a ploy by Umno to pit the opposition against the palace.

On Khalid’s challenge to BN assemblymen to attend the emergency state assembly sitting to amend the State Constitution on January 24, he said it was a ploy to give more power to the mentri besar on the appointment of top civil servants and not to restore the power of the Sultan as claimed.

Meanwhile, the Keadilan Youth movement today lodged a police report here on the installation of the banners.


Banners detrimental to the relationships between palace and PR leaders have been put up before in Johor. So now it is happening in Selangor. It is logical to believe that UMNO is behind this ploy to pit the sultans against PR. Is it that UMNO's fear of PR has reached to that level of desperation where it has to resort to bringing in the sultans into politics to fight for them?

sure, we believe that UMNO would not resort to unethical acts against the opposition. A party corrupt and rotten to the core, what do you want us to believe?

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