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11 January 2011

I failed to develop Kg Baru – Dr M


Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad claims that Kampung Baru was too costly to remain in the hands of the Malay community and that was the reason why he was not able to develop the area when he was the prime minister. He admitted that due to the high price there, the development cost were affected and hence the Malays could not afford the property. He said “The price demanded by land owners was too high and would have also made the cost of development very high. Malays would not be able to purchase shoplots or housing. Maybe only non-Malays would be able to afford it,”

He also said that “If the property that is developed is sold to non-Malays, then Kampung Baru as a Malay area would disappear from Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, to ensure Kampung Baru residents “would not be expelled,” developers would be required to pay high prices for the land and also allocate space for them to run their businesses and live in. But this will only increase the development cost. Malay developers may not be interested. Non-Malays may not be keen because the purchasing power of Malays is very low. Up to now, many residential and business space allocated to Malays are not taken up. In the middle of the capital that is full with modern and luxurious skyscrapers, there is a village of Malay squatters in wooden houses with rusted zinc roofs,”



You failed in everything, you ruined the country during your 22 years in power.
You succeeded in using billions of the people's money to build 2 stupid buildings which you claimed to be proud of until today.

You screwed up the government coffers and you and your family members had amassed hundreds of millions of corrupted money which you had stashed in various bank accounts which was also recently leaked out by wikileaks.

What have you got to say ????

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