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06 January 2011

No need for Sultan’s consent to amend state laws, says Khalid


There is no need for the Selangor Sultan’s consent to amend the state constitution, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said.

The Selangor mentri besar said today that the amendments only needed to go through the state assembly, indicating yet again that his administration opposed Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi’s appointment.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has, however, maintained that Mohd Khusrin’s appointment was lawful, and that full co-operation be given to him.

“For any resolutions or Bills to be passed in the state assembly, does it need to have the consent of the Sultan? No,” Khalid (picture) said.

Under Article 78 of the Selangor state constitution, the Sultan must gives his assent within 30 days to all Bills presented to him. If he does not do so, the Bills will become law as if he had given his assent.

Khalid said the state government would still challenge Mohd Khusrin’s appointment despite the Sultan’s remarks this morning calling for an end to the dispute and to accept the federal government’s choice.

The Selangor MB also claimed that the state government’s relationship with the Sultan was good despite a clear disagreement on the choice of the new state secretary.

“The Sultan said this morning that he remained apolitical in matters, and his highness also stressed that his relationship with the government was good.

“I meet the Sultan every week to discuss matters, affairs of the state. And in these discussions, even though we may have disagreements, in the end we will reach a collective decision.

“That is why the state government and excos came for the ceremony today. We still won’t call Khusrin for the oath in front of MB until the decision has been addressed in the next state sitting,” said Khalid.

He, however, played down the state government’s insistence on pushing for Mohd Khusrin to be replaced, claiming that it did not mean that the administration “disagreed” with the Sultan.

“I am not disagreeing... his (Mohd Khusrin)’s appointment is legal, we are not saying that it is illegal, if you follow the state laws which have been in place since 1993.

“We just do not agree with the laws and want to amend them. I think even the Sultan is in agreement over the amendment, to restore power to the Sultan and the MB,” Khalid said.

The private secretary to the Sultan, Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani, had earlier today provided a list detailing the chronology of events leading to the appointment of Mohd Khusrin.

According to the list, Datuk Ramli Mahmud, who was the former state secretary, had received the names of the three shortlisted candidates from the Public Service Commission (PSC) on December 3 last year.

Mohd Khusrin was one of the three shortlisted candidates.

Khalid said today that Ramli had never informed him or the state government of the shortlisted candidates.

“I was never told... Ramli did not tell me. The fact that the Chief Secretary chose to deal with the former state secretary without my knowledge… well it’s up to how you want to look at it, write it,” he said.

The state’s Ruler said today that he did not want Mohd Khusrin’s appointment “politicised”, adding that he was saddened his previous remarks had been “manipulated” by “irresponsible quarters” and had confused the people of Selangor.


Even Sultan of Selangor acknowledged that Khusrin is a Federal (=BN) appointee! How can your political opponent be allowed make appointments for a very senior position in the your state administration and not be consulted? This was not an issue before when BN controls both the Federal and state govts. Now it can be obviously seen as a recipe to destabilise the Selangor PR govt. Beware! Beware!

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