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03 January 2011

MIC willing to forgive sacked members

The newly appointed president of MIC, Senator Datuk G Palanivel said that he is willing to forgive all the former members of the party who were removed or sacked by his predecessor Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu and that discussions with them could be held to explore the possibility of them re-joining MIC where he also warned that this does not mean that he is a weak leader. The call came after V Mugilan, the former deputy youth of MIC who was sacked by Samy Vellu and formed the GAS (Gerakan Anti Samy Vellu) called on Palanivel to start looking at opening the party’s doors to those who were removed by Samy Vellu, whether directly or indirectly.

Palanivel said “Let me be very clear — I am a different type of leader. I am very strict, very stern but also very humble, polite, amenable and I have a lot of humility. I am not weak and I speak my mind. I just do not want enemies. I want to be everybody’s friend. They can talk to us but whatever it is, discipline is a very important aspect in every party. Every party has its laws and rules on discipline so if people break that and action is taken against them, they should not blame us. But we are willing to forgive them and we are ready to accommodate them. I just hope that all these expelled members and those who were not friendly with me, those who opposed me, will now not only be my friend, but also friends of the MIC. We want them to be friends and supporters of MIC and BN and then, we will look at ways and means of how we can


MIC just like The MCA and Gerakan is a has-been party. Do you think that the Indians will teturn to MIC? You Mr Palanivel and your supporters should have stoon firm against that 'dictator' Samy whenever he has made wrong decisions as the welfare of the Indian community. Why did you and supportos voived out against Samy then? The dice had been ccast and milk has been spilled, Can they return to their respective original place?

I am afraid that the Indians will return to the cheating MIC.Sad to say but most of these people have no pride and self -righteousness .They have shown their stupidity and 'short memories' in the two by-elections held in Negri Sembilan and Selangor. A very gullible group of people indeed.Samyvellu understood their gullibility and caste differences very well and exploited it to the fullest and that is how he could hang on to 'power' so long with his henchmen and thugs to back his 'adi-pudi' style of govenance of the party.
Now the Najib camp can buy them with bags of rice,cooking oil, sarees and bicycles and what have you, and they will cast their votes for the
UMNO led BN.

Palanivel and his team are nothing more than UMNO bootlickers.

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