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03 January 2011

MCA number plates – record bid showed people are proud of MCA – Soi Lek

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, the president of MCA has claimed that the recent record breaking bids for the vehicle registration numbers starting with ‘MCA’ from Malacca is proof that the people of Malaysia are proud of the party and love it. According to the RTD (Road Transport Department), they have received record breaking bids for the MCA vehicle registration plates where the MCA 1 number went to the bidder with the RM300,100 amount while the MCA 2 number were tendered with a RM100,100 figure.

Soi Lek said “Previously, people sarcastically said that no one would want the MCA plate, but now it has broken records and is the highest tender (series) made in the country so far. The tender for the MCA series was worth approximately RM1.5mil.” There were also reports that claimed that the company that won the MCA 1 number would give the number to him as a gift. To that he said “I have not received any calls and even if I do, I will not accept such a gift. There is no reason for me to use the ‘MCA 1’ plate,”


The Chinese are born gamblers and they have bid for the numbers because they feel they can sell these numbers to others at a higher price and not because they love the MCA.....ha ha ha ha ha ha....

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