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04 January 2011

I am no BN tool - Khusrin

Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi, the newly appointed state secretary of Selangor has dismissed claims that his appointment was political motivated by the federal government and claims that he does not have any political agenda himself in accepting the post. Khusrin, who is the former director of JAIS (Selangor Islamic Department) came into the spotlight over his appointment by the federal government, a decision which the state government rejects and is still protesting.

He said “All the accusations against me have been personal attacks. My appointment is legitimate, it’s just that what I have yet to do is to take an oath of secrecy in front of the Selangor MB. As long as there have been no orders on a federal level, I will remain as state secretary. I have written a letter to the MB this morning, and have even called his political secretary.

I have not received any details regarding the details of my oath of secrecy session with the MB. But this is not a problem, I can still work as state secretary without taking the oath. I was appointed by the Public Services Department. I am sure they have their reasons for appointing me. As a civil servant I know the rules and I am aware of what I can or cannot do. I have no political agenda and my job is to assist the state government machinery to do its best and ensure that the relationship between the executive and the administrative remains good. All the actions that I took as Jais director was based on existing enactments, like in the case of sermons in mosques being used for political purposes. I have never been called up by the state government because of my actions except in the case of Dr Asri’s arrest, where I have already explained myself to the Selangor Exco. I urge co-operation on all levels so that these issues will not blown out of proportion, so that Muslims in Selangor will not be misunderstood. I am ready to work with everyone, I have no problems,”


u are a piece of chopstick for the bee end govt!! u are a screw driver..u are a pitiful character of a man if u are a man/!

your appt reminds me of once when i was working for a private college...guess what..there was so much politics in it that all teachers/. lecturers left. and they kept re employing until the parents and students thought that it was time for them to enrol in other nmore stable colleges.

9 yrs since it set foot in this plc called kuching sarawak, it closed for good after trying unsuccessfully to sell off its local license and few assets in the form of tables and chairs!! the indian principal was iupstaged by a very shameless woman who cunted herself into his position. he left for KL and after her 2 yrs later there was a string of principals who knows next to ntg like u and ur appt now! so i guess UMNO will be like that college soon..close shop!!

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