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04 January 2011

Kedah Gerakan youth chief slammed for ‘sexist’ remarks on Hannah Yeoh

Tan Keng Liang, the Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief has been slammed for his ‘sexist’ remarks on Twitter recently. The discussion on Twitter was on whether voters should vote based on the person or the party contesting. Tan had then asked someone if they would vote for BN if a ‘good’ candidate was fielded in the Subang Jaya state constituency. The individual with a ‘jqquah’ handle replied ‘of course’. Jessica Lai, the Beliawanis treasurer of MCA would most likely be contesting in the constituency.

At this juncture, Tan asked "Would you choose Jessica Lai or Hannah Yeoh who will be on maternity leave soon?" R Nadeswaran, the editor from The Sun then hit out at Tan where he said "Wasn't your mother pregnant with you? What about your wife?" in a separate post, Nadeswaran wrote "During election time, this MCP will be talking of gender equality! His statement will haunt him forever," Elizabeth Wong, the exco member of Selangor said “Maternity leave has nothing to do with Yeoh's productivity as a state legislator. Tan's remark was an insult to women.” While Teresa Kok, the Seputeh MP said "I would gladly sponsor Tan for gender equality training by any one of the women's NGOs in Malaysia,"

Tan however is defending his statements saying that "Stating that someone will go on maternity leave does not mean that the person would be completely unfit to serve as a state assemblyperson. I understand the need of certain politicians to capitalise on the issue by interpreting my tweet in the most negative manner that they could. I would advise Kok to rectify her statement and not add or imply anything which I did not"


anyone or anything to do with the bee end govt is useless and brainless regardless of race, age, religion or cultural background...they have only one thing in common...corruption!!!

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