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20 December 2010

Nuclear plants for Malaysia starting 2021

Datuk Seri Dr Peter Chin, the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water announced that the government will be engaging an international consultant on the appropriate location and requirements for its plan to build 2 nuclear plants in the country which are expected to generate 1,000MW of energy each. He said that the first nuclear plant is expected to start operating in 2021 while the other plant will be ready in 2022.

He said “Hopefully, by 2013 or 2014, we will able to finish evaluating this. As for calling of tenders, we hope it will be done by 2016. Malaysia was heavily reliant on gas and coal for its electricity supply and it was government policy to reduce reliance on fossil fuel. Gas accounted for 64 per cent of the country’s energy generation while the remainder came from coal. We must get away from this. (It is) very much imbalance. Most countries have a good balance. We want hydro to assume a prominent role as it is clean but this can only be achieved in Sabah and Sarawak where there is much potential but not in Peninsular Malaysia. Besides, other sources of energy such as biomass and wind were too minimal while solar was a good potential but the technology was still very expensive. Biomass and wind, there is nothing to shout about. Unless and until solar renewable becomes big enough, this type of energy just compliments (what you already have) as you can’t generate much due to its high cost,”

He added that “Everyone wants to say that we want renewables but what about cost? Can we force the people to accept high tariffs? We have to look at a balanced way, that’s why we can’t depend on fossil fuel only. Nuclear has become a more prominent choice in balancing the energy source due to lower maintenance cost and lower tariffs in the long-run. For example, in Abu Dhabi, they are building huge solar energy plants but [were] at the same time balancing it up with a nuclear plant. They are not just concentrating on fossil fuel,”


Proof of the pudding is in the eating ! Yes Malaysia neds nuclear energy and here is my laugh at the Malaysians, SHOW US THAT MALAYSIA HAS THE TALENT TO MANAGE A NUCLEAR PLANT. How many Malay graduates will have both the knowlege and experience to operate a nuclear plant ? It is like any other sources of energy because Malaysia will need well educated & well skilled talenst to work such a power plant.

Poor Singapore so close and in danger of contamination from cuclear radiation from Malaysia if they have a plant; 200 miles from end to end of peninsula Malaysia is too short and the full fall out will hit Singapre like an atomic bomb. A little knowlege is a dangerous thing, my dear Malaysians.

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