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21 December 2010

KITA will have ‘big presence’ in next GE – Zaid

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, the newly appointed president of KITA (Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air) said that the newly named party (formerly AKIM) will have a ‘big presence’ in the next general election. Currently the party only has about 300 members and the Kelantan based party recently renamed itself to KITA and appointed Zaid as its leader after he left PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat). He said “Of course we will. Yes, we already have a number of candidates. I cannot tell you how many but yes, I will be one of them. We have a small membership, only about 300, but it is not the membership that determines support, it is the quality of our leaders. I am not in the numbers game. I believe I have already made a lot of difference. So of course, of course our presence will be felt,”

He also said that “Yes, I am funding Kita. It does not cost very much because it is a very small party. And I will get our candidates to fund themselves. Yes, we do not have much, but we will do what we can according to our means. We have little money, so we spend little money, but we fight with our beliefs, our ideals, our policies. Gaining instant or fast popularity, that is not what I am out to do. You have to win based on something substantive. I am not fighting with them (PR and BN) in that sense, I do not have to play their game. I play a game which I think is good for the people. I want to address the people’s issues, not play politics or just mere sloganeering. Am I throwing a tantrum by forming Kita?

Am I the sort of guy to do that? People can say whatever they want, I know I am not free from this. But I am fairly certain that the majority of people will view me kindly. They may not agree with my approach or style but I do not think they will attribute bad faith or think that I am power-crazy. It is very combative but not specific. It is like six blind men talking about an elephant but describing it in a different way. Someone talks about ketuanan Melayu, then someone else speaks about ketuanan Rakyat. We are all over the place and it lacks clarity,”


Funny....real funny. A sore loser having 300 members wants to make an impact. We shall now call him MAT JENIN.

Zaid@Mat Jenin is the worst politician I have ever come across in my life.
He will again fall from the 'coconut tree' he is up on.

Silly..... real silly.

So KITA becomes the spoiler in the coming General Elections to give the UMNO led BN a chance to win big.
Zaid tried to break up PKR from within but was found out and now this Najib plant wants to help UMNO.
I am afraid he will fail miserably.

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