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12 January 2013

JKM also abuse of power and involved with UMNO rotten politics as other law enforcement departments...Parents who take children to rallies face prosecution says JKM


Parents who take their children along to the gathering organised by the opposition tomorrow can be prosecuted under the Child Act 2001.

The Director-General of the Social Welfare Department, Datuk Noraini Mohd Hashim, said in a statement here today that parents or guardians were advised against involving children under their care in any activity that could be harmful such as participating in an illegal rally.

She said that anyone bringing their children to such rallies could be charged under Subsection 31(1) of the Child Act 2001, which carried a fine of not more than RM20,000 or imprisonment of not more than 10 years, or both upon conviction.

In this context, she hoped that parents or guardians would protect and not endanger the lives and security of their children. — Bernama






Hey dude, what are u talking about illegally rally ? This rally is approved by police :-). Are you sleeping on your job ? You are treating the rally as illegal ? On what basis ? Take note of him when PR is in Government.

Another clueless advice…are you been misinformed by the police? Tomorrow event has get green light..children is future treasure..let them join together is teaching them citizen value in a country, the true meaning of democracy, what kind of personality they will choose to represent them in the future.stopping them from coming means stop their growth..our children will NOT become your COW..

Noraini, if you put the same amount of energy in taking care of the less fortunate children in Malaysia, then you will not see any child going hungry

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