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07 January 2013

corrupted blogger apologises to Khalid Samad for crucifix caricature


A pro-Umno blogger apologised to PAS MP Khalid Samad today for featuring on his blog a caricature of the latter holding a crucifix.
The Shah Alam MP had sued blogger Dr Novandri Hasan Basri — more widely known as Dr MiM — for defamation.

“Dr Novandri agreed to apologise and pay costs for his action in defaming me through his blog article,” Khalid tweeted this morning after the hearing of his suit at the Penang High Court today.

PAS news portal Harakah Daily reported today that Novandri agreed to settle the case out of court by apologising openly to the PAS central working committee member.

The blogger had put up a caricature of Khalid holding a crucifix on a January 15, 2010, blog post titled “Penjarakan Khalid Bishop Samad” (“Jail Khalid Bishop Samad”).

In the out-of-court settlement, Novandri’s apology must be featured on Harakah Daily and his blog.

The apology on Harakah Daily states:

“I, Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, would like to very sincerely apologise and withdraw all the defamatory words and pictures against YB Haji Khalid bin Abd Samad, as found in the article titled ‘Penjarakan Khalid Bishop Samad’ that was published on the blog on 15/1/2010. I also regret any wrongdoing and want to apologise to YB Haji Abdul Khalid bin Samad for the post. I promise to stop and will not repeat that publication and those words in future.”

Khalid was represented by lawyer Mohamad Hanipa Maidin.






What doctor is this Dr Novandri Hasan Basri ?

This Novandri character is the head of Umno Bukit Gelugor. It has been mentioned that this guy had a red IC when he was in school. Now he's a true blue Umnoputra?

His mind is corrupted and twisted .

Mind corruption is also a form of corruption .(like playing Fafcebook) ..ask MACC to charge him

We had another "doctor" as our PM not that long ago, and that guy is a much better magician than David Copperfield.

MORE THAN ONE TRILLION of our money has disappear, because of that "doctor".

Will Utusan, TV3, RTM 1,2 publish this apology?

Khalid shouldn't have settled for out-of-court settlement. Sue and bankrupt those liars!

We should not accept out-of-court settlements. UMNO will continue with such lies and defamation and get away easy. At least for now UMNO behaves like a bottomless pit of moneys to fund such forays. My advise is to take them to open court, uneveil who they are and ask for damages that only 3 generations of their kin can earn to settle in full.

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