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03 June 2012

Najib is trying to scare Malaysians who do not share his dreams... Government will quash any threat to public order, says Najib


The government will continue to act firmly without compromise to quash any threat bent on disrupting public order, said the prime minister.

“Although this might be despised by certain groups, including foreign powers, we will never bow to any pressure.

“We will take appropriate measures to ensure the rights of the majority to live peacefully will continue to be preserved,” said Datuk Seri Najib Razak (picture).

He said this in his congratulatory speech and pledge of loyalty to Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah at an investiture ceremony in conjunction with the King’s 84th birthday at Istana Negara here today.

“The welfare and prosperity of the people is the highest goal of the government of the people and for the people, which was given the mandate to rule the country, and democratically-elected leaders.

“This means, we cannot afford to let the most important foundation of democracy, that is, the superiority of majority, be destroyed by those who want to uphold the misplaced law of the jungle by thinking that the loudest, most cunning and most violent as the most capable and truthful.

“This course of action and thinking must be rejected in the strongest terms,” said Najib.

He said as peace-loving people, Malaysians should defend the institution and system which has proven to have benefited national life, and not raise doubts, what more distrust of the people.

As such, he said, the people should always appreciate the difficulties of the government in transforming the country, and not let any group destroy what has been achieved for short-term interests.

He said a healthy national dialogue should always be encouraged as differences of opinion could be channelled constructively to the people and the country.

“National maslahat (public welfare and interests) should be discussed in an orderly manner to find the best solution, and not be expressed incoherently in a crazy manner on the streets.

“The use of dirty tactics to achieve political objectives will only harm the country. Let us remember that the end must never justify the means,” he said.

Najib said of late the people were more aware that the government authorities were being deliberately ridiculed by certain groups.

“In short, whatever successes created by us are not acknowledged by these groups as they did not benefit from them,” he said.

He said the country would lag far behind and lose if it continued to be bogged down by endless problems and conflicts.

The prime minister said despite the obstacles the government would be undeterred and would instead stay focused, determined and more courageous on the path of righteousness.

“The crux of the matter is that the government will continue to uphold the law, customs, trust and promises made,” he added.






Najib is trying to scare Malaysians who do not share his dreams...

Quash, crush, keris, thugs, serum, ...don't they all ring a bell?

Najib wants to remain in Putrajaya by hook or by crook.

All Malaysia must reject this!

If upholding the law and justice is what he's concerned about, maybe he should appear in the French trial before an arrest warrent is issued for him. He sounded insecured.

Shame on him. Clean up the voter list and implement fair & clean election so that we will know for sure who the majority want in Putrajaya. Funny you said we will fall behind, we have been falling behind our neighbours. Indonesia will be looking forward to hiring malaysian maids soon.

PM is sending the wrong message to the Rakyat. Who wants to have chaos in the country? Take a good look at the recent events and truthfully ask yourself who the culprits were.

The Rakyat need to defend themselves against evil, corruption, racism, division, lies, cheating, daylight robbery, cronyism, and intimidation!!!

They need to defend themselves against bn!!!

We shall clean up once and for all!!!

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