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05 June 2012

a more dog-wasting public money pleaded not take bribes....Minister not sure who paid for WWW 15



Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said today that he is not sure who paid the RM24,200 for the WWW 15 vehicle registration number he won in a recent tender as controversy mounted over why he made the bid for his official car.

Questioned today by reporters over who made the payment, the MCA deputy president confirmed that the Ministry of Health did not pay for the number.

But when further pressed for answers, Liow hesitated before saying “not sure, I have to check”.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who was also present at the press conference at the MCA headquarters, attempted to help Liow by saying that the money went “from the left hand to the right hand”.

But Dr Chua also did not say who paid the money.

“When I applied for it, I didn’t know the cost,” Liow said.

He defended himself by saying that “the process (of bidding) was handled by JPJ (Road Transport Department)” and repeated that the bid was placed because of the change in his official car.

He said that “all ministers are eligible for one number, I didn’t exercise the option earlier.”

He said “numbers to me are not important, what is more important is service to the people.”

On May 28, it was announced that the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar, beat close to 10,000 bidders to win the tender for the vehicle registration number WWW 1, with the highest bid of RM520,000.

It was also revealed then that Liow had won the bid for the WWW 15 registration number.

Thousands of people had thronged the three Kuala Lumpur RTD branches to place their bids for the WWW prefix.






How could anyone get a number, after having tendered for it, receiving the number, and yet, claim now knowing who paid for it? I guess this only happens in Malaysia

It is sad and alarming that our ministers can lie and get away with impunity, time and again. It is so prevalent because all laws have been subjugated by one party, Umno/BN, which brashly uses the entire govt's machinery to do cover-ups and bear down on those who protest. We, the Rakyat, must wrest back the country's power to right all the wrongs perpetrated since Dr M's days. And the trend for bald faced lying as exemplified by Dr M is 'I cannot remember'

You mean there is a huge crowd jostling to pay for the number and you don't know who? If I am to pay for that number, I want to make doubly sure you know it is me, so that I can remind you of it when I have any dealings with your Ministry. So please don't talk like a small boy, it only irritates the Chinese community further.

As a corrupted minister, everything is paid for for you because you just dish out contracts or approve licenses.

Of course you don't care about the cost. Every cost comes from the Citizens.

Besides, I doubt LTL doesn't know anything about his number plate. When under the spotlight, all BN ppl know what to do is to play dumb.

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