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25 August 2011

FT minister abusing power for polls tilt


PKR today accused Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin of abusing his Cabinet position to lay the foundation for a possible run at the Lembah Pantai constituency in the next general election.

“Many projects that are supposed to be channelled to other constituencies in Wilayah Persekutuan were found to be channelled only to Lembah Pantai,” said PKR information chief Chua Tian Chang at a press conference at the party’s headquarters today.

“So I would like Raja Nong Chik to answer to my challenge to say clearly he has no intention to stand in Lembah Pantai,” he added.

Chua, who is also MP for Batu, said if the minister’s intention is to contest in Lembah Pantai, concentrating on the constituency alone is an abuse of power.

“He is abusing the resources of the government just for his own private interest, preparing for his political career,” he said.

PKR is accusing Raja Nong Chik of only channelling programmes such as the 1 Computer 1 Student Project, Nur Ramadan Program, and Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia to the Lembah Pantai constituency.

It further claimed the minister abused his position by diverting two DBKL contracts worth RM50,000 weekly towards Umno leaders and organisations.

When asked if there was evidence to suggest the abuse of power, Fahmil Fadzil, political secretary to current Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah, claimed to have a witness who had received a cheque from DBKL, and added that a statement will be obtained if necessary.

“What we have noticed is that since Ramadan, Datuk Raja Nong Chik is very, very, very focused on his programmes in Lembah Pantai only. On his Facebook page, everyday you can see that he is only focused on Lembah Pantai. For every 30 programmes in Lembah Pantai, there will only be one in Wangsa Maju,” Fahmil added.

Chua also said that the comingling of government and political party events was so prevalent that it was now difficult to distinguish one from the other.

“If we go to all the Raja Nong Chik’s programmes, he never hides that all these programmes are done with Umno. In fact, now we see a pattern especially in Wilayah Persekutuan, including my area. Every time a [minister] visits, on the stage and surrounding area, you see Umno flags,” he said.

“He is also supposed to be in charge of urban poor but what he did is nothing more than Lembah Pantai so far, so I really want to understand. He has to really come clear either because he wants to take care of Umno’s interest or because he is interested to contest. We don’t have to hide.

“If his intention is to contest in Lembah Pantai it’s okay. We are not worried about it. But you cannot use your resources just to pump in to Lembah Pantai because you want to contest there,” Chua said.


So he is also I help you and you help me Minister. Just like his boss.

Not only he, the whole BN mentality is such, bribing voters,etc is their culture already.. He can't win the heart of the voters by their good deeds, only by bribing or fraud can they win the election.

Unless it is a party function, it is wrong to put up party flags for govt events. Clearly an abuse of govt office.

EC, where are you?
Oh . . . I forgot . . . . you guys are impartial and to take action, there must be proof right?

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