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26 August 2011

squid ministers act become heroes ... I think better blow his heads .....Death threat not a deterrent


Home Minister Datuk Sri Hishammuddin Hussein said today the death threat and two bullets he received in the mail yesterday will only strengthen his resolve to carry out his duties and responsibilities.

“They want to scare me, but this gives me confidence because this shows we are on the right path or I won’t be receiving the threat,” Hishamuddin told reporters following the Home Ministry’s monthly gathering in Putrajaya today.

“This is the first time I am receiving live bullets but this will not deter me from continuing my responsibilities, and this will not deter the agendas that have been set out,” he added.

Hishammuddin (picture) was reported by The Star Online yesterday as being the recipient of two bullets in the mail earlier in the day.

The home minister said that the bullets were placed in a cut out section of a book.

There was an accompanying threatening message handwritten in Malay, he added.

The items are believed to have been posted to his office in Putrajaya where they were subsequently discovered by a clerk this afternoon.

The items have since been surrendered to the police who are currently investigating the matter.

“The authorities will do what they are supposed to,” Hishammudin said.


why are we wasting our time listening to this guy? he's just trying to make himself a hero, when he isnt.........

If someone will to investigate impartially, all trails will lead back to him!

Truly, a self-made hero in his own mind!

Funny how someone dares to threaten the Minister who heads the Royal Police.
The guy must be kidding and the police doesn't seem to panic or launch the fast
track investigation. Ha ha ha.. the rest I leave it to your intelligence to figure it out

May be he sent the bullets to himself. I would not believe this guy. He always tells wide lies, in particularly on the illegal immigrant situation in Sabah.

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