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25 August 2011

another theatrical to discredit the opposition....Hisham receives death threat via post


The home minister is reported by The Star Online as being the recipient of two bullets in the mail today.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said that the bullets were contained in a book that had a section cut out of it.

There was an accompanying note with a threatening message handwritten in Malay, he (picture) added.

The items are believed to have been posted to his office in Putrajaya where they were subsequently discovered by a clerk this afternoon.

They have since been surrendered to the police who are currently investigating the matter.


The Mr Bean of Malay-sia....sending himself a gift and getting overly excited about it..

So what, just a bullet, what the big fuss? It's not like if he was being shot by someone? Everyday many innocent citizen were either being robbed or killed but nothing much was done by this home minister to protect the people and he even turn a blind eye to the crime rate while denying the safety of the public is under threat. Therefore, I would be very surprised if he still continue to say the country is safe from crime!

He wants the Malays to think that Christians are behind this as they don't like him for his tough stand on christianity to uphold the status of Islam in Malaysia. PDRM will take a "serious view" of the matter for sure but, believe me, this matter will cool down with no arrest made. This is a new chapter of UNMO's "Konspirasi Kristian"

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