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10 October 2011

Police corporal ‘scapegoat’ in Tung Shin scandal


Bersih 2.0 said today authorities have made a scapegoat of the policeman held solely responsible for firing tear gas into Tung Shin Hospital during the July 9 rally for free and fair elections.

“This is ridiculous. Everyone saw ... the whole world saw the video. The poor guy is the scapegoat.

“If you say just one, did they really do a proper investigation? How can they say it’s one?” Bersih steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah told ..

Kuala Lumpur police had said yesterday that the police corporal who breached standard operating procedure (SOP) during the rally would be disciplined.

“Just like the minister of health (Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai) who denied Tung Shin was attacked by police, this is a denial that more than one police officer was involved,” Chin added.

In a report made public on Tuesday, the Health Ministry had determined that police acted in an unethical manner and breached SOP when dispersing demonstrators who had converged on the hospital to escape riot police.

The report prompted a statement from Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam that the matter would be referred to the police disciplinary committee.

“If you deal with abuse in this manner, having one scapegoat is not going to give the public any confidence that any investigation is going to be fair,” Chin said.

Police had absolved themselves of any wrongdoing during the July 9 rally after setting up six internal teams to investigate claims of police brutality that followed after nearly 1,700 were arrested, scores injured and an ex-soldier died during chaotic scenes in the capital.

But Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai ordered a second probe into the Tung Shin incident on July 14 after a group of medical consultants had written to the media refuting the hospital board and police who claimed that no gas canisters or water cannons were fired into the hospital.

Police finally admitted on July 21 that Tung Shin was hit with tear gas canisters and water cannon during the rally, but denied shooting directly into the compound.

But this claim flies in the face of various video clips uploaded on the YouTube video-sharing site showing water cannon and tear gas being fired into the hospital area.


Pass the Buck DOWN - Blame it on some small hard-working Corporal,whereas the IGP, the Home Minister and all go scot-free and, as such are absolved of their Guilt; and seem to be innocent of any wrong-doing. No sense of Responsibility and have no Moral Authority to lead the Force and Country. Shame. Blame-Game.

People would expect the top to take the responsibility , instead of the one below. In Japan , Uk , Singapore , USA , normally , the ministers involved would be responsible , for the ones who served below him.

What a shame , those at the top , passing the buck to the bottom. Its a great shame !!!.
Having power ; but no reponsibility.

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