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15 October 2011

denied does not mean that did not happen ... it is a lie ... to deceive the people...NRD denies Johor foreigners given ICs



The National Registration Department (NRD) denies bussing 240 foreigners to Putrajaya on Wednesday to collect identification cards.

PAS had alleged that six buses filled with Indonesians and Bangladeshis had travelled from Johor to be given citizenships so they could vote for Barisan Nasional (BN).

But NRD director general Datin Jariah Mohd Said was quoted in Sinar Harian today as saying "we are not aware of this and I myself only found out through the media."

"None of my officers were there. All registration matters must be done at NRD offices or counters," she said.

She also denied that the NRD was involved in any syndicate to hand out ICs to foreigners.

PAS Youth had said that it followed the entourage of buses across Putrajaya until they stopped at a nearby resort in Sepang.

Its deputy democracy bureau chief Mohd Adram Musa said a man leading the group told him that they were there for a course on entrepreneurship.

But Adram claimed that others in the bus said they were there to collect ICs and that there were police, health ministry and other government officers that were part of the entourage.

Pakatan Rakyat has previously claimed that the BN government has given citizenships to at least 1,600 foreigners in exchange for their votes.

The government has since formed a bipartisan parliamentary select committee to look into electoral improvements including cleaning up the electoral roll.


This reflects the PM.s statement that the they must defend putrajaya at all costs As if putrajaya belongs to them What a stupid arrogance Probably he hasnt heard of democracy a syatem whereby the right to govern is by the choice of the people More than 5 decades of rule without any check has scrambled their brains

Of course Datin don't know, Maybe A parallel NRD office was setup to issue ics to foreigners who have attended the assimilaion courses in Bangi for UNMO. The Malays now will be diluted with Indons and Banglas as their brothers now. Or is it a citizenship for Sale racket being uncovered. Two birds with one stone kind of deal where they must vote for the party and they pay for the business course....sama2 untung.

Near Sepang? Last time PAS found illegal immigrants given brief near Salak Tinggi.

Looks like Selangor will be the power grabbing state.

PR, please check Selangor's electoral rolls.

As usual NRD like to deny and all the people believe that it is work of the UMNO and BN gorvenment plan to stay in power illegally.

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