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15 October 2011

DPM deceive people....Be grateful to BN government



Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin told Malaysians today to be grateful to the Barisan Nasional (BN) government for its many efforts which have improved their lives.

According to Bernama Online, the deputy prime minister reportedly talked up the BN government’s performance to a crowd of thousands after visiting the Ampangan market here, claiming it has always cared for the people by doling out aid and programmes for the needy.

He urged the Ampangan folk against following in the footsteps of people from Selangor and opposition-held states who voted for the opposition during Election 2008.

“It’s not easy to be the government; the opposition is only good at making promises which they never have to fulfil,” he was quoted as saying in Bernama Online.

Muhyiddin (picture) is on a day-long visit to several locations in Negri Sembilan, a state the federal opposition is said to be confident of toppling in the coming polls, speculated to be called within months.

The national news agency said Muhyiddin later announced a RM5 million allocation to Ampangan folk — RM4 million to build a new hawker centre, RM500,000 to refurbish the market and the remaining RM500,000 to repaint and repair the Ampangan flats.

The Malaysian Insider reported earlier this year claims by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) that a marginal five per cent swing in four key seats in the state would be enough to topple the BN government here.

State PR leaders had told The Malaysian Insider that a win in the Pilah, Kelawang, Lenggeng and Linggi state seats, where BN won by wafer-thin majorities in Election 2008, would secure the coalition a simple majority in the 36-member state legislative assembly.

BN won Pilah by 1,258 votes, Kelawang by 1,167 votes, Lenggeng (1,285) and Linggi (1,575). BN won 52.6 per cent (178,048) of the state’s popular votes, while PR won 47.4 per cent (160,504) back then.

The ruling coalition currently controls the state government with 21 state assemblymen (Umno-19, MCA-1, MIC-1) while PR has 15 assemblymen (DAP-10, PKR-4, PAS-1). Should PR retain its current seats and win over four BN state seats, it would mean that PR would be able to control the state assembly with a 19-17 simple majority.

Negri Sembilan PR leaders have also been ramping up efforts to woo voter support in the state by organising talks and ceramahs in the Umno stronghold, and will focus on winning over rural Malay voters in the state, many of whom are traditional Umno supporters.


Grateful ? Why should we ? The government is the servant of the people, we are the ones who voted you in, we are the ones that gave you authority. What you are doing for the people is your responsibility. In fact, YOU should be grateful to the people. Cause if you are not, we the people will look and vote for others that will be grateful to us. Understand DPM ?

The people are the boss.
The boss hires the political party to run the government.
The political party that runs the government is now asking the people to be grateful?
This does indeed requires a magnificent leap in logic or a couple of shots of vodka to make sense.

The opposition governing Penang and Selangor has shown they are capable and can indeed deliver What say you!

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