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12 December 2010

Mat Zain insists former IGP ‘fabricated’ black eye evidence

Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, the former investigating officer of the ‘black eye’ case involving opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim reinstated his allegations that Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had ‘fabricated’ the evidence in the case that took place in 1998. Mat Zain was investigating the claims by Anwar that he was assaulted when he was in police custody where he is appealing for the case to be reopened.

In his open letter to Tan Sri Ismail Omar, the IGP (Inspector-General of Police), he said “I leave it to your discretion, Tan Sri, to make the best decision on behalf of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP); one that is fair to all parties. However I also protect my right to proceed or stop right now, my correspondence pertaining to this issue or to any other issue related to it. The Home Ministry’s declaration last week that the “black-eye” case would remain closed clearly showed the government’s intention to protect “certain individuals”. I apologise because I have to state my opinion here that the current stand of the police in preparing Hishammuddin’s answer is vastly different from its stand when it was handling the investigation in 1998. Its stand this time looks intended to protect certain individuals,”

He also said that “I am sure Tan Sri still remembers how a one-page letter dated September 21, 1953 signed by an acting State Secretary had become one of the main reasons that led to the contamination of Malaysia’s dignity and sovereignty when we were forced to surrender Pulau Batu Putih (Pedra Branca) to Singapore. Imagine what the falsification of 65 pages of a document, on the orders of the country’s lawyers, could do to the country’s criminal justice system. During the investigation, several important documents were lost while in the hands of the A-G and we had to replace them with duplicate copies. The entire investigation paper had even temporarily disappeared for about three weeks between October 30 and November 20, 1998, like what I explained in my first letter. So it is no wonder if there were limitations in the contents of the investigation report because they were hidden for a long time in the A-G’s Chambers,”

“To be fair to Abdul Gani, I do not have information to say that he had a hand in making sure the first report was not included in the final document but I would not be shocked if he was indeed involved because he has a personal stake in it. What is worrying here is that if even the royal commission of inquiry’s report can be manipulated, just imagine what can be done to investigation records involving common citizens. It is important to look at the fabrications that occurred in the investigation of the ‘black-eye’ case and in all other cases related to it, to identify who the main players are. The evidence, whether direct or circumstantial, has been very clear,”


Datuk Mat Zin I respect you " A men that love the country". They are many that said how much they love the country, but I dun see any of them like you. Espeacially those hight ranking in the Police force. If the law is just protecting certain individuals. The investigation records can be disappeared what about the cases involved common people???
I thought these reports should also submit to our highness Agong??? If thats the case they are also bluffing our highness????
Oh gosh!!! Our country justice system are gone.

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