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03 June 2010

Ibrahim Ali sues PKR sec-gen for linking him with sports betting business

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the independent Member of Parliament of Pasir Mas is suing Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, the secretary-general of PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) for an RM2million defamation suit. He filed the suit against the Machang Member of Parliament at the Kuala Lumpur High Court Civil Registry through Rajindar Singh Veriah, his lawyer yesterday.

According to Ibrahim, Saifuddin had “falsely and maliciously published defamatory remarks” against him in the PKR publication ‘Suara Keadilan’ in its April 27 to May 4 edition. Saifuddin had claimed that Ibrahim was involved in the gaming business of Berjaya Group chief Tan Sri Vincent Tan and that he (Ibrahim) had equity interest in the business.


in our kangaroo courts he might even win. so predictable.

This bast-ard bankrupt racist Ibrahim Ali is not even worth Rm2 and he wants to get rich by suing Saifuddin for RM2M by using the kangaroo court !
He should jump in the Klang river to cleanse himself !

Now the people know Idiot Ali PERKOSA tactics. Nobody bother about them. So no more budget from UMNO as no more effective. So sue here and there. HEY Idiot , sue in Hokkien means Suck or hisap, if you like to sue, come and 'sue' my little brother. HA HA

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