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31 May 2010

Gertak to hold ‘Melayu Bangkit’ event on June 14


According to Razali Idris, the chairman of Gertak, the NGO who is organizing the ‘Melayu Bangkit’ event which was originally scheduled for May 13, they have postponed the rally and will now take place in June 14. He said that that agenda is still the same which is to deliberate on the issue which are affecting the Malay community. He said "Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will deliver the keynote address at Negeri Stadium to be attended by over 20,000 people including those form outside Terengganu,"

The rally which was originally planned for May 13 did not go down well with most quarters as many felt that running the even on the 41st anniversary of the May 13, 1969 racial riots were inappropriate and would serve as a reminder to the country’s darkest chapter in politics. Hence, it was called off and postponed


Gertak to hold ‘Melayu Bangkit’ this is what our UMNO/BN cheat you!!!!!!!CAR PRICE IN MALAYSIA AND CAR PRICE IN UNITED STATE????????

This is what we have lost or rob by them.Not only the malay have been ROB all MALAYSIAN have been ROB also.

Ford Fiesta
US Car Price: RM 42,624-50,000
Malaysia Car price :RM75,000-85,000

Honda Fit/Jazz
US Car Price: RM 47,680 - 51,000
Malaysia Car price :RM109,800

Honda Civic
US Car Price: RM 49,456 - 80,000
Malaysia Car price : RM 115,000 - 131,000

Hyundai Elantra Touring
US Car Price: RM 51,000
Malaysia Car price : RM 91,000

Kia Rondo
US Car Price: RM 41,600 - 54,000
Malaysia Car price : RM 86,000 - 91,000

US Car Price: RM 49,100 - 70,400
Malaysia Car price : RM 115,000 - 131,000

Yah bangkit Melayu Bangkit ini lah tipu helah UMNO/BN yg rompak rakyat.Kita kena rompak dari ahli ahli dan kronie UMNO.Bangun bankit kita sama tolak UMNO.


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