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03 June 2010

Government to raise cremation fee

The cost of cremating the dead is expected to increase significantly when the government reviews the charges for public crematoriums soon.

Deputy Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said the cremation fee charged by government-managed crematoriums was low compared with the fee charged at privately-managed crematoriums.

According to Saravanan, the cremation fee at public crematoriums was RM100 compared with RM500 at private crematoriums.

“Based on the RM100 fee, the government has to subsidise RM400 for every cremated body and this is the cost based on 20 or 30 years ago.

“The time has come for the government to raise the fee to may be RM200 or RM300, to overcome the cost of maintaining and managing such crematoriums,” he told reporters after visiting the Putrajaya Crematorium here today.

He added that the government was also considering reserving special plots for the burial of dignitaries, especially at Hindu cemeteries, since there was no such allocation.

The Putrajaya Cemetery at Presint 20 comprises an area of 87.457 hectares, with 59.32 hectares allocated for a Muslim cemetery and 24.857 hectares for non-Muslim cemeteries


even when you're dead, the government is bullying you..
To die nowadays is not so easy. You will have to do some saving or otherwise your body will be floating in the nearest river.

This is absolutely rediculous, is Saravanan tries to the champion to launch the so-called subsidy cutting champion? As the arguement on Idris Jala's comment is still going on and the government is still in the dark of the mismanagement of funds at various department, I seriously think there is no reasons to talk about cutting down the susidies for now. There are major problems happening in MIC, please clean that up first lah..

Another government trick of earning from the 'rakyat'. Now even from the dead 'rakyat' are not to be spared. It show how desperate government want 'rakyat' money. Trying all sort of funny business idea (which they think are smart idea) by taxing 'rakyat' from this & that to fill the country empty coffer. To them BN government making money always are from the 'rakyat'. Their customer are always the 'rakyat'.

Where did they get their maths qualifications from?

"Based on the RM100 fee, the government has to subsidise RM400 for every cremated body "

That's RM500 for profit based ... not operation cost. stupid idiots.

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