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11 April 2013

Pro-BN NGO alleges sabotage attempts on its April 20 charity concert



The 1Malaysia Welfare Club, that is organising a mega concert featuring about 10 local and international artistes on April 20, is alleging politically-motivated sabotage attempts against its event.

The little-known non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is now making headlines for its grand dinners, in Perai and at Han Chiang field two nights ago, alleged that anonymous online users had posted warnings on popular social network site, Facebook, to singers who were initially lined up to perform at the event.

"They had warned the artistes not to perform in the concert by saying that it was a political event and this had resulted in the singers withdrawing from the concert," said the club president Geh Choh Hun.

Rumours have been rife of a mega concert being held this April 20 at the Han Chiang school field in recent weeks and this is the first time that Geh confirms that his club is the organiser.

"This is a Superstar Charity Concert to raise funds for welfare organisations in Penang and has nothing to do with politics," he said.

The concert will be based on a 1Malaysia concept where artistes from Malaysia, United States, Hong Kong and possibly India will be performing a mix of English, Malay, Chinese and Indian songs.

"We are not selling tickets for the event but entrance is on a donation basis of minimum RM1 each," he told The Malaysian Insider in a phone interview.

Amongst the artistes that are lined up to perform at the concert are Swiss Beatz, Redfoo, Ning Baizura, Grasshoppers, George Lam and Eric Moo.

On Monday night, the club donated RM2.2 million to 106 Penang NGOs in a dinner it had jointly organised with another NGO.

"We hope to get the relevant approvals from both the state and federal government so that this concert will go on as planned," he said.

He added that the American artistes are performing for free while the Hong Kong artistes are only charging a minimal fee.

"The whole event are also supported by private corporations," Geh said.

He also denied that there were any political links to the concert, stressing that it is purely a charity event.

Just hours before, he issued a press release explaining that the club is not funded by the federal or state government or any political parties.

He also stated that the club works with other charitable NGOs to organise dinners, lucky draws and entertainment events to benefit the people and to "support 1Malaysia for peace and prosperity".

"We also encourage the affluent Penangites who have won the lucky draws to contribute these products or funds back to Penang through charity efforts for the benefit of all," he said.






Why must concert be base on 1Malaysia concept if it is not political. Concert can always be "Malaysia for Malaysians Charity Concert".".

if the organiser don't really know that 1Malaysia is the Najib slogan and tagline to dupe Malaysians into thinking he can bring genuine change despite Muyiddin, Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali and most of UMNOs telling him to fly kite, then this organiser is too stupid and does not really deserve any support and pity. come on

"The 1Malaysia Welfare Club " This is already affiliated to the BN Devils.....Isn't it a Political Avenue for BN.....??? Please don't treat us like KIDS.......!!!

Of late many 1Malaysia stuff and events are mushrooming around the country. Surely there must be some big fish behind them because millions of Ringgit are given away or exchanged hands. It is obvious who the masterminds are linked to.

All the events are held to belittle and put the opposition in a bad light. The MACC, TI-Malaysia and other election watchdogs must prove their worth to monitor and combat such below-the-belt tactics and abuse of power and positions. NGOs are fast becoming fronts for such shameful and abhorrent acts.

And they pride themselves signing a pledge to be fair and accountable!

Umno led Bn had since 2008 outsourced many of its vote buying activities to several special purpose pro BN NGO groups. These so called 1malaysia NGOs will be tasked with organising free dinners and distributing goodies for certain target groups and the events would usually be near to PR's ceramah or coincide with PR events with the hope of drawing away the crowds or creating disturbance, for eg a singing or karaoke event next to PR ceramah. Previously these tasks were carried out by Umno youths and Puteri Umno. To avoid incurring the wrath of Malaysian voters, Umno outsourced the tasks to a group of 1malaysia NGOs.

After much criticism from the public , they are now reinventing themselves as 1malaysia charities but their charitable activities only become active during an election or by election. It is sad that these self serving NGOs still think Malaysians from all walks of life are gullible lots and vulnerable to bribes and prone to selling their votes.

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