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11 April 2013

gabby rapist minister to flatter Najib....Rais says ten minutes airtime is what Pakatan manifesto deserves




KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said today the 10-minute airtime given to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties to explain their polls manifesto was “suitable”.

The interim information, communications and culture minister also said the short time offered to PR was more than enough to showcase PR’s pledges.

“It was more than enough because we are only explaining the principles of a party’s struggle. So for BN and the opposition, they deserve to receive the respective airtime after we consider how important it is to explain their manifestos.

“For BN, its more than that, it is a commitment and a vow just as announced by the prime minister,” Rais (picture) told reporters after attending a closed door meeting between BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the coalition’s division leaders at PWTC here.

PR had snubbed the offer, calling it a “joke” and a mockery to the freedom of press.

Leaders from the opposition pact said it had wanted the right of reply, not only during the general elections, but at all times in all of the mainstream media and TV stations, almost all of which are BN-controlled.

Free access to media was among the key eight demands made by the opposition and poll reform group Bersih 2.0. It was also one of the recommendations made by a parliamentary select committee for free and fair elections.

Rais, who told state news agency Bernama it was “ok” to use state assets to campaign ahead of the official campaigning period, said the opportunity was provided in respect of the democratic system of the country and described the snub as “arrogant”.

Meanwhile, the Elections Commission (EC) claimed the offer was to be serial and not one-off and said the opposition had misunderstood government’s intention






Ten minutes! I need at least fifteen minutes to do the big one in the toilet! Shame on you rais yatim!

And rais you deserve no respect from me the rakyat!
This GE13, we rakyat will put you as the opposition party, then lets see whether you like 10 minutes to present your manifesto in GE14!

It's ok Rais, you are now holding the baton but not for long. When the baton is passed over, your scandalous case will be re-open for investigation. And you will then know where you'll be.

This is the attitude that will bring the downfall of BN - arrogance and despotic. Despite all that Najib has done, there're too many deadwoods and pre-historic ministers within the ranks. Advertisement, subtle message of BN now pervade the whole airtime in all channels. And you compare this to 10 minutes as 'enough to explain the principle'. Just how stupid can you be?

Internet exposure much more better than your media. Get lost.

Najib uses 2 hours to report his fake BN report card results. You can give him 2 hours to talk rubbish, then why not give PR the same airtime?

Rais, go find out the meaning of free access. BN manifesto is lifted from PR, so if PR only need 10 mins then BN only need 10 seconds. All they have to say is our manifesto is a ditto of Pakatan, thank you.

Let Najib and Anwsr debate live, stop being a chicken.

Only COWARDS act this this the democracy that your Najib preach......

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