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15 June 2013

Roadblocks seen in redelineation not give face to UMNO dogs redrawing decided indiscriminately


EC do the trick help Umno-BN in in willful darkness suddenly  and now wants to do the trick redrawing

The redelineation exercise of parliamentary constituencies due this year is expected to be the country’s most complicated yet.

This is because the opposition has more than one-third of the seats in Parliament, which allows it to block the creation of new constituencies, and hence new seats..

In the past, the Election Commission (EC) has had little problem getting its reviews approved by Parliament, as the Barisan Nasional (BN) government had enjoyed a two-thirds majority of seats. But BN, which won last month’s polls with 133 of 222 seats, failed to regain the two-thirds majority, which it lost for the first time in the 2008 polls.

The review could thus see fierce debates in Parliament, which convenes on June 26. The EC acknowledges that it will not be easy this time.

It will take a lot of negotiations with both sidesThe negotiations will be on which constituency ought to be split or merged to better reflect the country’s political representation of the people.

The opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has complained that current boundaries favour BN and, further, denied the opposition a victory at the last general election.

For instance, Kapar in Selangor — won by PR — has more than 140,000 voters, while Putrajaya, won by BN, has fewer than 16,000 voters. This effectively means one vote in Putrajaya is worth nine votes in Kapar..

The delineation process will be a test of whether both the BN and PR can work together with the EC.

In  some constituencies having too many voters, and others, too few.There should be more constituencies in view of the larger population in several places. But it has to be done consistently with certain best practices and principles laid out, and not give advantage to one side only..






Both BN and PR take the 505 results to court SHOW that the current EC is NOT DOING their job therefore should be FIRED especially the 2 top joker.

The redelineation will not get the go, Simply because the EC no 1 and no 2 are not to be trusted to do a fair and sincere job. They must go first.

We are a fake democracy; we can't do thing impartially and in a non-partisan way, more so the current EC members are all BN appointees. I suggest we get respected international personalities to draw and demarcate the constituencies for us. Don't be shy, I suggest UN conducts the election for us.

Before 2008, UMNO/BN did what they like in the parliament , amending and re-amending the constitution anyhow they like with all the traitor's component parties nodding heads literally like a lap dogs ! Some human beings can literally sell their souls for a little handouts without feeling of guilt and conscience !

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