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11 June 2013

playing dirty politics ...PKR urinated by DBKL...DBKL says won’t let PKR use Padang Merbok for rally



Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) today rejected Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) application to hold a gathering at Padang Merbok this June 22, said Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib.

He said the concrete reason for the rejection was that Padang Merbok was too close to the city centre and exposed to the problem of traffic congestion as there were several entry/exit roads to the city centre in the vicinity.

“These roads include Jalan Kuching, Jalan Raja, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Parlimen, which is the protocol road and popular for cycling and other recreational activities.

“DBKL is very concerned about traffic control to ensure smooth flow and holding of a public gathering at Padang Merbok will surely cause acute traffic congestion,” he told a press conference at his office, here, adding that the rejection letter would be sent out soonest possible.

Ahmad Phesal said DBKL rejected the application also to ensure the landscape at Padang Merbok would not be adversely affected by such a gathering in order to ensure its good condition at all times.

He also noted that DBKL had received advance booking from the Olympic Council of Malaysia on December 18, last year to hold the Olympic Run 2013 on June 23 and the organiser needed to make preparations one day prior to the event.

“Therefore, Padang Merbok needs to be vacant (on June 22) for OCM to prepare for the run,” he said.

Ahmad Phesal said DBKL suggested that the organiser (PKR) of the gathering planned for June 22 to hold it at an enclosed venue like the Merdeka Stadium or Titiwangsa Stadium.

“We will call them for a discussion on June 14 where we will give our views and reasons, and which will also be attended by a representative from the Royal Malaysian Police.

“We will try to assist them in getting a suitable place for the gathering,” he said.






The reasons given are just pure rubbish, typical of BN. Rallies organised by BN are given the OK, even for Dataran!? why is that. Reason does not apply!

Remember the popular vote from Kuala Lumpur is for Pakatan but the lever of power has been hijacked by BN which appoints the mayor to carry out its nefarious agenda. The people of Kuala Lumpur has been disenfranchised in this matter. "Black 505" should also include the question of why BN still control City Hall despite being trounced in Kuala Lumpur in the GE13 election.

DBKL seems to display the same arrogant, confrontational and anti Opposition attitude. Once the rakyat gets fed up with their antic and illogical reasons even Dataran Merdeka will be occupied by frustrated Malaysians.

Just move on to Dataran Merdeka...if everything can not

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