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26 April 2013

due to police busy spying on the opposition and hokey crime statistics say more down ...


Customs No. 2 shot dead on way to Putrajaya office

Royal Malaysian Customs deputy director-general II Datuk Saharuddin Ibrahim was shot dead near a traffic light near the Putrajaya police station today, police said.

Media reports say the gunman on a motorcycle shot Shaharuddin about 8.40am at Leboh Wawasan coming from Dengkil.

He was rushed to the hospital and immediately wheeled into the intensive care unit, according to the New Straits Times news portal.

Police are checking the CCTV feeds.

KL police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohamad Salleh confirmed the incident.

The police are questioning Saharuddin's driver to establish what happened.

Last Saturday, armed men knifed 52-year-old Irene Ong to death in broad daylight in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya, in an attempted robbery, bringing crime back as an electoral issue in the May 5 general election.

Police have detained three youths in connection with the killing.

Putrajaya has said that from 2009 to 2012 the national crime rate dropped by 27 per cent while street crime fell by 39.7 per cent.

Police also said the national crime rate fell six per cent in the first quarter of 2013 against the same period last year.






My God! I thought DPM Muhyiddin has just declared "Malaysia is safe. Security in top notch"!!!
Is he joking or he is serious when he said so???

What is next? Damn worry.

Criminals are getting bold and fearless because of the complacent and indifferent attitude of the police.We urgently need a new government to stop the rot before we end up living forever in fear

Deepest condolences to Datuk Saharuddin Ibrahim. Although I do not know you, my heart aches each time I read about crimes happening in Malaysia. It is getting so common nowadays that the reports by PDRM, PERMANDU on the purported drop in crime rate is really making a mockery of the Rakyat.

If the current government is not able to REDUCE CRIME, then perhaps it would be better to give PR a chance to run the country!

Once again, my deepest condolences to all the victims of crimes in this country, as well as their families
Targeting the Deputy DG of Customs must be the work of nefarious forces with deep involvement and interest in the Customs dept. This is not random killing but a planned one with sinister implications. Will our 1Malaysia police be up to the investigations even if it involves very influential higher-ups?

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