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25 April 2013

BLATANT AND WHOLESALE CHEATING BY BN n SPR AGAIN....EC transfer ‘dubious’ ballot box diversion to Kajang.!!!


The Election Commission (EC) must explain the “dubious” diversion of an EC vehicle carrying ballot boxes to the Sungai Chua Industrial Park in Kajang en route to its Putrajaya headquarters on April 8, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today.

The opposition leader showed reporters a photograph of what appeared to be two ballot boxes, wrapped with what he said to be a polyester material, stamped with the “SPR” logo as proof, alleging that they had been transported in a Pajero to Jalan SC 2. SPR is the Malay acronym for the EC.

“I want an explanation from the SPR. What game are they playing?” Anwar told reporters at the PKR headquarters here today.

He also pointed out that PKR had done another analysis of the electoral roll and found that 28,593 registered voters are designated as Indonesians, Filipinos, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis which, he said, are countries with a huge number of workers in Malaysia.

He said the majority of these foreign voters will be voting in Sabah, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

“Sabah alone has 15,907 registered foreign voters, mostly Filipinos and Indonesians, and Selangor has the next highest number with 4,324 foreign workers,” he said.

“What is even more disturbing is that 16,589 of these foreign voters are assigned with the Sabah ‘kod negeri’ even though they are from Indonesia or the Philippines,” he added.

Anwar highlighted that the parliamentary constituencies in Sabah with the highest number of foreign voters include Silam, Kibaran, Kelabakan, Putatan and Tawau; and in the peninsula, Gombak and Ampang.

He said what was worse was that 42 foreign voters from the Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan are registered as postal voters in the army and the police force.

“I’m not aware of any army personnel who are either Filipinos or Indonesians,” he said.

Anwar has also accused BN of bribing voters with gifts, cash and cash vouchers ranging from RM50 in Penang to RM1,000 in Sabah, saying he had the video evidence to prove it and would be releasing it in the coming days.

“BN is so worried that they will lose and are desperately bribing voters,” he said.

He appealed to all “legitimate voters” to come out and vote in the May 5 general election.

“Do not let those who have corrupted our electoral system to steal democracy from you,” he said.






Such cases must be reported officially to the Conference of Rulers who appointed the EC. If need be the EC must be sacked immediately. Such naughtiness and dishonesty should not be tolerated by the peace loving Malaysians. Going to courts will not help because the laws are written to protect the manipulators and not to protect the democracy

The nation will rise and there will be chaos if the election result does not have integrity and when people do not trust the result due to EC playing cheat.

So, Pakatan and Bersih MUST ensure minimal to no cheating from EC this time round.

Anwar, we are seeing the GE13 literally stolen in front of our eyes from what you have told us!!
We know this elections present the rakyat with the best hope for change !!!
Yet if you and your PR colleagues cannot come up with effective strategies to counter the cheating and bribing being done so openly, I fear the war is lost.

BN is trying to win by cheating with foreign n phantom voters. When results are out, BN will say PR are sore losers. The Rakyat must prevent and stop that from happening. Can we get the army to ensure a free and fair election bcos national seccurity is at risks

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