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05 February 2013

Do not sacrifice the future by scandals like me and Zahida ... this corrupted minister is trying to fool people...


Shafie: Do not sacrifice your future

The people were today told to not sacrifice their future and that of the country’s by believing in the promises made by the opposition.
Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said the people should have an open mind and to think rationally the promises made by the opposition, as well as accusations against the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

“The opposition parties are only good at blaming the government. They deny all the good done by the government when they themselves did nothing to help the people,” he told reporters after launching a campaign to promote the use of latex products at TSB Kampung Bukit Lada 2 here yesterday.

He said the allies of the opposition pact were not united and the pact was formed merely for purpose of winning an election.

“The people should exercise wisdom when choosing a government,” he added.

The Rural and Regional Development Minister also said that BN had a planned-development agenda for the people.

The focus of development is not only in the urban areas, as priority will also be given to the rural and interior areas to uplift the income of local residents, he added. – Bernama






Yes, U r rite Piee Apdal.
Rakyat will no longer wanna scsrifice our future with U & BN UMNO! Zaidah Rafik includive!...

Under UMNO/BN none of the Rakyat has any future.

Under UMNO/BN Malaysia has no future.

Under UMNO/BN our children have no future.

The only future we have, under UMNO/BN, is total annihilation, poverty, racial strife, religious fanaticism, bloodletting.

My open mind says to vote out BN.

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