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09 February 2013

bye bye party for BN ....Yen Yen ‘all Psy-ched up’


Dr Ng Yen Yen is all ‘Psy-ched’ up.The tourism minister just can’t wait for Korea’s phenomenal dance sensation Park Jae-sang, better known as ‘Psy’, to hit the Penang shores with his mesmerising and infectious ‘Gangnam Style’ dance.
She said Penang would gain such worldwide attention overnight when the man who attracts over 1 billion followers on YouTube performed his brand of music on Monday, in conjunction with the 1Malaysia Chinese New Year Open House.

“I would want to be in Penang (when Psy performs), I want to see who is this guy who can attract 1 billion followers on Youtube, and gained some 4.7 million fans,” she said.

Nevertheless, Dr Ng was quick to point out that the concert has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.

“This is because, the singer will definitely not be interested to know who will win in Malaysia’s coming general election. Nor would he commit himself to being a tool for anyone. – Bernama






PSY going to ride on an Old Horse name Yen. The Old Horse is all Ride Up for PSY.
Penang going to have some minor earth quake.

Off course Psy is not going to be bothered about politics! He is an artist and singer. He is here for his performance and get paid! What a clever way that BN concoct to attract crowds and then brag about 80k people attended Najib's open house! Overwhelming responses??? Penangites love free entertainment and free food but we are no fools!

Psy going to introduce Gangnam Style 2, based on Lembu (not Kuda) for Pulau Pinang Show?

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