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04 December 2013

without go back to their " farmlands " to Milk the " Cows ....Umno will close shop


Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil warned party leaders today that if not for the support of the women's wing, Umno will close down.

The Wanita Umno chief made this statement when calling for more of the wing's members to be appointed to government-linked companies (GLCs).

Addressing Wanita Umno members at the wing's general assembly today, Shahrizat said many of the party's divisions and branches would have to close down due to insufficient membership if not for the participation of Wanita Umno members.

"Don't say there are no women from Wanita and BN who are qualified to sit in GLCs," she said.

Umno Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings convened their respective general assemblies today, ahead of the main general assembly tomorrow.

Saying women's attendance for party programmes at the branch and divisional levels was crucial, Shahrizat also did not spare the party's supreme council members.

"Let me tell the supreme council members. If not for the Wanita, don't think you could get all this. The support will be scattered.

"The victors are there thanks to your votes. If not for our support, don't be too hopeful," she said, greeted by loud cheers from the floor.

Shahrizat, who was the Women, Family and Community Development minister until she was forced to resign following the National Feedlot Corporation scandal involving her family, also called for the party to hold the Wanita wing in higher regard, saying the status of the wing should not be lowered to that of the Youth and Puteri wings.

"As the Wanita chief, I don't want to be competing with the Puteri. It's embarrassing to be always compared with Puteri.

"I love the Puteri, they are our children, we are not sharing husbands with them," she said, using the Malay word "madu".

"Listen to this, Puteri are our children, not our madu. We love them," she added







Moooo moooo booooo....

Yes UMNO will have to close shop, and go back to their " farmlands " to Milk the " Cows " ....While the Wives get to stay in Condos and Luxurious cars, and Cuti Cuti Senang Hati with their own kind..

Moooo....booooo ....

YES ....mother cows can Produce MILK and can pleased the male cow...........What can the Male cows do besides doing that thing..........??

UMNO won't close shop without you, but Malaysia will close shop if UMNO remains in power. Haven't you drained enough money from the people already?

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