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14 October 2013

a symbol of "Endless Possibilities of Corruptions"....Utusan cheers Umno and jeers “jealous” opposition after party polls


Endless Possibilities of Corruptions....why we should be jealous..???...we worry that run out of  people  money...!!!

As expected, the Umno party election yesterday received applause from the party's mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, which poured scorn on "jealous" opposition parties.

The paper took a swipe at DAP and PKR, saying both parties were still conducting their internal polls the old way, unlike Umno which changed its election laws.

"It will be the envy of both friends and foes. DAP and PKR, which are still bound by outdated election practices, should learn from Umno.

"Congratulations Umno. The political party has once again moved forward," the paper, using the pseudonym Awang Selamat, wrote today.

Utusan had been attacking DAP over the directive by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to hold fresh party election, after several disgruntled members claimed that the central executive committee (CEC) election in December last year was not properly conducted.

At its re-election on September 29, delegates returned the same set of leaders to the CEC.

As for PKR, its party election in 2010 was mired in internal strife and leadership squabbles, all of which were widely reported by the Umno-owned paper.

PKR will hold its polls next month but has pushed the date to May 2014, saying it needed more time following the recent 13th general election.

In congratulating Umno's Youth, Wanita and Puteri wing leaders, Awang Selamat advised them to be committed and sincere in implementing the party's agenda.

"The next challenge is how this new line-up can boost the confidence of the Malays in Umno and BN to face the next general election," he wrote.

He described yesterday’s election as historic because it showed the Malay party was more inclusive, democratic and grassroots-oriented.

He downplayed glitches reported during voting, saying these were expected as it is the first time the party was using the new electoral system, which gave voting right to 220,000 delegates.

"The political transformation as promised by Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, which included Umno's new election system, is now a reality," he added






hahah- the 'cow woman said her victory will inpire women! I'd say her victory will inspire all those who want similar RM200 million (as given to her husband) to fight for top position in UMNO

Jealous ? No...not a bit, instead people are glad that Sharizat is one of the winner. She is the reminder of how a herd of cows managed to live in the condos.....a symbol of "Endless Possibilities of Corruptions" in Malaysia and a fodder for GE14 !

Aiya.. why pay attention to the only newspaper that tells the most lies and lost the most lawsuits?

It is an undisputed fact that Umno Baru is built on cronyism and corruption. Money politics rules the day in Umno Baru's election. The present lineup will not necessarily make the world's most corrupted political party appeal to more educated and urban based Malays in future. Whatever the Bumi agenda and in whatever forms and name, majority of the ordinary working class Malays and Malays who are not in the inner circle of Umno Baru elites had and shall not benefit from the Bumi affirmative policies.

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