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19 December 2012

bribery money to buy votes...More than one in three Malaysians to get cash bribery on January 15



About 12 million Malaysians, or more than one in three citizens, will receive cash handouts from the government on January 15, in a major boost for barisan Nasional (BN) ahead of elections expected soon after that.

Sin Chew Daily reported today that the estimated 12 million people will receive the cash through the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M) and student aid schemes.

BR1M recipients will get handouts of RM500, while RM100 will be given to students from Standard One to Form Five.

Handouts worth RM250 will also be given out to those 21-year-old-and-above who are single and who earn less than RM2000 a month.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had announced the handouts as part of his Budget 2013 measures to help cushion the fallout from an uncertain economic outlook.

Dates for the RM250 book coupons for university students and the smartphone allowance given to 21-30 year olds with a monthly income of less than RM3000, will be announced by this week.

Deputy finance minister Donald Lim told Sin Chew Daily that the cash handout for bachelors over the age of 21 and earning below RM2000 a month, will also be announced at the same time.

“We predict that the families receiving handout benefits will increase by 10 per cent, rising from the previous 4.3 million households to 4.7 million.”

Lim also stated that this time two million youths above the age of 21 were predicted to come forward and receive the aid given.






Oh, how I like the use of the word handouts. You give handouts to beggars. What a bloody insult.

No money, facing deficit, but still want to spend money unwisely to buy votes.Take money from your pockets to give it to you, what a plan. Check the source of the money people, BN is skimming EPF, Khazanah, etc, just to buy your votes, and you think you should be celebrating. Other countries borrow money to invest, in Malaysia we borrow money to buy votes.

Twelve million Malaysians out of the population of twenty-eight million to receive govt. handouts shows that the country is a very poor nation, despite the so many slogans being juggled for all and sundry.

To all tax payers stop voting BN because it had squandered your money until today the nation is in deep debt. To all non-tax payers stop voting BN because after 55 years of rule BN has made a begger out of you.

why need to give out all the money in order to buy votes if the government is sincere and honest in managing the country. Dont you think people are short term minded and with RM200 to RM500 people will vote for you with corruption everywhere in Malaysia, from top to bottom.

Blatant bRIbery of the whole of Malaysia - that should be the full name behind the acronym BR1M.

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