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10 October 2012

PAS should not keep human guise of pigskin ....Nasha plotting with Umno to destroy Pakatan


pigskin face....shameless....!!!!

Several PAS lawmakers today openly rebuked Nasharuddin Mat Isa for his latest attack against DAP, accusing the senior party leader of conspiring with Umno to cause a split in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) ahead of the next general election.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad raised suspicion over the timing of Nasharuddin’s latest anti-DAP statement, pointing out that “it was not yesterday” that both PAS and DAP had become partners in PR.

“Read between the lines,” Khalid said at a press conference in Parliament today, when commenting on Nasharuddin’s “Christian conspiracy” allegation against DAP yesterday.

He alleged that Nasharuddin, who currently sits as a member of PAS’ highest decision making body, the Syura Council, was likely aiming to be punished by the PAS leadership when he made the statement during a speech in Putra World Trade Center (PWTC).

“It looks like this is what he wants. It is so close to the elections. He has been sitting in the Syura Council all this time but has remained silent till now... it was not just yesterday that we were with DAP.

“To me, this is an action planned and conspired by him with those on the outside... namely Umno,” he said.

Nasharuddin yesterday earned the ire of his DAP allies again when he revived the “Christian conspiracy” allegations against the secular party, an issue that has been used repeatedly by Malay right wing groups and hardliners in Umno purportedly to warn away the Malays from supporting PR.

In a speech at PWTC, the former PAS deputy president reportedly alleged that DAP leaders had led prayers to turn Malaysia into a Christian state during a thanksgiving dinner held after the Sarawak state election in April last year.

Rubbishing his colleague’s words, Khalid asked Nasharuddin why he had not raised the matter before in the Syura Council of the PAS Central Working Committee (CWC).

“Surely if he has proof and his words have basis, the PAS leadership would take action,” the parliamentarian said.

Furthermore, Khalid said, there was little sense to Nasharuddin’s remarks as DAP’s founding struggle was not for Christianity or any other religion.

“They are a Democratic Action Party. Unlike PAS, where it is expressly stated in our Constitution that Islam forms our founding struggle, DAP is multireligious, multiracial and multicultural.

“Is Karpal Singh (DAP chairman) a Christian? Are Lim Guan Eng (secretary-general), Lim Kit Siang (adviser) and Teng Chang Khim Christians?” he asked.

Khalid also said it was up to DAP leaders if they wanted to lodge a report against Nasharuddin, but stressed that the latter’s remarks were his own personal view and do not reflect PAS’s views.

He questioned Nasharuddin’s objective in issuing such a statement to begin with, adding later that “his (Nasharuddin) relationship with us in PAS is not as close as his links with BN.”

“His statements seem to take on an angle meant to bring benefit to BN,” he said.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub  who was also present at the press conference with Khalid, later agreed with his colleague but said the matter should be left up to the Syura Council to deliberate on.

“Let the council decide what to do with this issue,” he told reporters when asked if he felt the council should take action against Nasharuddin.

Earlier today, several DAP lawmakers came out to deny the allegation and demanded that Nasharuddin wishdraw his remarks and issue a public apology to their party.

“Christians constitute a mere nine per cent of the country’s population.

“As such, it is not possible to establish a Christian state in Malaysia.

“There is therefore no reason for Christians to be made the object of hate,” DAP lawmakers Wong Ho Leng and Chong Chieng Jen said in a statement here.

This is not the first time Nasharuddin has locked horns with DAP.

Recently, the senior PAS leader went on a collision course with Karpal Singh over the hudud controversy, even fuelling speculation that the Syura Council may sack him for his views.






It is well and good if PAS is comfortable with the maggot that is constantly gnawing at your flesh, BUT it is grossly unfair to your PAKATAN partners who to have to bear the collateral damage! Go think about it, PAS!

PAS, please take action against this traitor before he destroy everything that we have work for. He is just as bad and dumb like Hassan Ali.

This is not the first time this Nasha guy is causing problem to Pas and Pakatan but the funny thing is that despite this nagging pain, Pas still afraid to take action against him. Why??? No power for the syura council to take action or the syura council does not want to be the bad guy? Cannot understand!!!

The número uno Trojan horse is Nasha!!!

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