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13 October 2012

Fearing to break PAS’s fealty oath, Nash seeks being sacked


Fearing the consequences of being an oathbreaker, PAS lawmaker Nasharuddin Mat Isa is deliberately stirring animosity with DAP allies to force his Islamist party to expel him from its ranks.

The Bachok MP is suspected to be the chief instigator of quarrels between the two Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partners over their mutual disagreement in turning Malaysia into a full-blown Islamic state and introduce Islamic criminal laws nationwide.

He is seen to be driving a bigger wedge between the two parties by flagrantly ignoring PAS’s offical stand to set aside all talk of forming an Islamic state and focus on working together with the secular DAP to boost the PR pact’s chance to take federal power at the 13th general election due soon.

If we see, lately, Nasha has been aggressively pitting PAS and DAP leaders against each other so that Pakatan Rakyat splits. He does all this with the purpose that PAS will sack him and not him leaving PAS.

Leaving PAS means going against bai’ah, and this may be the main reason why he is not leaving PAS voluntarily 

Bai’ah is an Arabic term meaning an oath of allegiance that Muslims take to show their loyalty and commitment to their Islamic cause. Muslims believe that those who break bai’ah will suffer divine punishment.

Nasharuddin was PAS deputy president until he was trounced by party colleague and popular rally speaker Mohamad Sabu last year in a three-cornered fight at the PAS election. The religious conservative also ran against Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man who is currently PAS information chief.

The PAS-DAP spat had been widely reported in the mainstream media and was seen to strain ties between the two opposition allies at a crucial time in the run-up to the intense battle for Putrajaya.

But   whatever happens to Nasharuddin will not greatly impact support for PAS.

To me, what is being done by Nasha is more towards strengthening Umno’s people who are already in Umno .

Even if Nasharuddin quit PAS for Umno, the politician would only likely suffer the fate of other former PAS leaders such as former president Datuk Mohd Asri Muda and former deputy president Nakhaie Ahmad.

If Nasha joins Umno, he will not gain the full trust from that party because everyone knows his heart and soul is not sincere and is even becoming a parasite to a new party that he is a member,

For example , Even after being sacked from PAS, Hasan was not welcomed to join Umno but was instead forced to set up Jalur Tiga (Jati), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that fights for Islam, Malays and the royal institution.

We also  questioned Nasharuddin’s sincerity in championing hudud — the controversial Islamic penal code.

Previously, when trying to convince PAS to join Umno to form a united government, Nasha told PAS that Pak Lah wanted to give three ministerial seats if PAS agreed to be with Umno.

Nashruddin’s statements are clearly intended to benefit BN and create tension between PR parties.

We  want to ask him, when Pak Lah offered the three ministerial seats, did he also discuss the implementation of hudud?

If Umno were truly sincere in having talks with PAS, Nasharuddin should be allowed to stand in the Bachok parliamentary seat unchallenged in the next general election and win.

We want to see whether Umno places a candidate in Bachok or not.

Nasharuddin’s recent controversial remarks on hudud and the Islamic state appeared to be a political agenda to benefit the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and create tension within PR.

His relationship with  PAS is not as close as his links with BN. His statements are clearly intended to benefit BN and create tension between PR parties although issued without proof .

In the latest of several allegations, Nasharuddin had echoed his political rivals in Umno and other religious hawks who accused the secular DAP of having led prayers to turn Malaysia into a Christian state during a thanksgiving dinner held after the PR component party won 12 seats in the Sarawak state election in April last year.

Nasharuddin had not raised the matter before this in the Syura Council, PAS’s highest decision-making body.Umno’s strategy is to create conflict within PR as the 13th general election draws nearer.

When parties in PR fight, such as the conflict between PAS and DAP over the hudud issue, Umno and BN gain.

PR will be seen as not united if it continues to fight among itself and this is what Umno wants.






By collaborating with the self confessed "Devil" party called ArmNo, he is already entitle to suffer divine punishment when he meet GOD.

PAS can learn from DAP's dealing with Tunku Aziz. Make his life so unbearable, call him 'low class', and then he will willingly resign!

or stripe off all his position, and band him from speaking to any member, even religious talk on Friday......cold storage this moron...

This idiot should be sacked immediately as he clearly a liability for PAS and PR. Let him join Umno so that he can sleep with Dr Chua Soi Lek and tell MCA to leave BN if CSL does not support hudud.

Whatever Nasharuddin does from here on, it is obvious and clear to everyone that Nasharuddin cares only for himself!

He has absolutely no concern for the rakyat at all!

As I said, it is not religion that makes people good, it is good people that makes religion good!

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