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05 August 2012

he wants to mention about gave rm 4 billion to government servants ....but how come he has robbed billions of public money......


Najib reminds civil servants of ties to administration


The nation’s continuing success over the years is built on the close co-operation between the government and the civil servants.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the good ties went back to the nation’s independence as evidenced by the understanding between both parties.

“The co-operation and support of civil servants in implementing government decisions help us to solve the people’s problems,” he said when breaking fast with Pekan district civil servants tonight.

Without this, the nation’s big transformation from over 50 per cent poverty during the early independence years to what it is today could not be achieved.

“The government’s poverty eradication efforts are among the best. We changed the nation’s status from agriculture to medium to high agriculture.”

Najib said the government had given special attention to the welfare of civil servants via various initiatives to keep the bond strong.

“Earlier this year we gave civil servants pay rise of 7 to 17 per cent involving an allocation of more than RM4 billion.

“Recently, we announced bonus of half month salary in conjunction with Aidilfitri celebration in recognition of civil servants.”

He urged civil servants to remain dedicated in carrying out their duties while the government continues to look after their welfare within its means






Does he not know that civil servants are above politics and only serve the govt of the day. Be it BN or Pakataan. Civil servants owe no allegience to Najib or his govt. This is like telling them "you help me I help you" The PM has lost his balance and can be seen pleading to all and sundry to vote for him a his coronies. Please Mr. PM cut the crap and save it for you election speeches after Parliament is dissolved.

PM should not use threat and remind civil servants to be loyal to the BN. Let us remind the PM that civil servants salary is being paid by tax payers and not BN.

najib talks like as though he gave his grandfather's money. I hope civil servants realise what type of person Najib is. They should put nation first and not the handouts from najib.

Civil servants only owe their fiduciary duties to the nation and rakyat who pay their salary and not BN government! Owe NOTHINg to BN government and when to GE 13, 

They must know and remember it is their duties to serve the people of Malaysia and not the government or any party. They are not in debt to the government for their lively hood but only carrying out the orders . They must decide very carefully who to vote for the country's future and their children's future. Take Singapore and S. Korea progress as an example of good governance and vote wisely for the future of their BN out to save country!

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