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30 July 2012

stupid got ahmad maslan.....they can not stand the blood sucking of the people...


Disloyal members should go, says Ahmad Maslan



Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan today described the departure of two Sabah MPs from the Barisan Nasional (BN) as more of a personal problem.

He said people not loyal to the coalition were not needed because they would be regarded as the enemy within and it would be better for them to leave the party.

Ahmad was referring to Beaufort MP Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin and Tuaran MP Datuk Seri Wilfred Bumburing.

Lajim announced on Saturday that he was quitting as an Umno supreme council member, Beaufort Umno Division chief and Beaufort BN chairman but remaining as an Umno member and as the federal deputy housing and local government minister.

Bumburing announced yesterday that he was resigning from the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) of which he had been the deputy president.

Both the leaders have claimed association with the federal opposition and indicated they would set up the so-called Sabah Reform Front.

Ahmad said party struggle and interests should take precedence over personal interests.

“It is just an isolated problem because there are many others who can replace them. The people’s support (for the BN) is growing,” he told reporters here. — Bernama






"Party interests should take precedence over personal interests??" Another clown talking through his other side! May we ask HOW DID ALL THE WARLORDS BECOME MILLIONAIRES??if no personal interests are involved?

Ahmad that is why they are leaving they cannot tahan you your fellow members blood sucking the rakyat leh.

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